The Library of Deneir

"There is no better place to put knowledge than a library: there is no such thing as a lawful, chaotic, good, or evil library. It is a church without morality" - Tiber Sectum, golden Dragonlord scholar

Shoutout to my player Deniz for inspiring me to create this in part of his character's backstory.

The Library of Deneir is a separate plane of existence that contains all knowledge in the universe, both true and false. Since the beginning of time and space, Oghmar created this library to document the discovery and provide explanations for everything that's happened. However, this has led to knowledge, both true and false, to flood the chambers and expand almost to infinity. Its intention was not for the purposes of good or evil, nor law or chaos; it is so that knowledge can be proven to those that it is invaluable, should the right people find the right bits of information. For the largest portion of history, it has remained a closed off plane that no mortal character has had access to, until recently.


This plane of existence is decorated mostly with bookshelves that raise thousands of feet into the air and spans miles across, making small, intricate aisles that can stretch almost infinitely. Occasionally, a display case denotes the subject matter of a particular column, though it sometimes changes. The books themselves found here are varied, which include spellbooks, tombs, journals, diaries, encyclopedias and everything in between. Hovering around are lanterns that burn a blue flame and provides bright light in all corners of the library. The center piece is a seeingly endless descent that leads deeper into the library, with two pairs of stairs rotating around the circumference of the descent to allow access to the lower levels.
Alternative Name(s)
The Forgotten Temple
Dimensional plane


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