The Dragonwars

"Dragonknights, Dragonlords, Dragon deities, Dragonwars... jeez, there's a lot of "Dragons" in Targonia, yet I happen not to see most of them?" - Carveli Goldwalker, famous Elvish bard

The Dragonwars is the ongoing wars that separate the Dragonborn and Dragon Lords of Targonia to this very day. The two sides include all the chromatic Dragonborn and Dragons, versus the metallic Dragonborn and Dragons. Each constantly fights the other in the name of their god that they swore to follow: Bahamut for metallic, and Tiamat for chromatic. Their hatred towards the other affected the way they would make their creations in the Material Plane, and it has resulted in a bloody war with the other ever since. And while the Dragonborn have seemingly shaken off this innate feeling after many millennia, those who wish to fight to enlist as a Dragonknight, and head to the province often associated with their similar scale. The rest of Targonia are afraid to do anything due to the raw strength and tenacity of the Dragonlords as well as their armies, but recent centuries of innocents killed have resulted in negative feelings about the war, even as far as to ban Tiamat from the pantheon due to claims of scheming against the rest of the pantheon as well as continuing these baseless attacks against the civilian populace. Those claims are still under review to this day.

The Conflict


It started when the most trusted allies of both Bahamut and Tiamat were sent to populate the new Material Plane as a way to further their own goals and to fight it out and see who's fit to rule the Dragonborn, their latest creation.


When the first Dragonborn were created, they were expected to fight alongside the Dragonlord of which they share the same color of scale, and depending on where they were stationed, were expected to fight against the opposite side


The entire Material Plane is the battleground between the Dragonknights and Dragonlords, from the mountains ranges found in Rockdelven to the deep Jungles in Albish Granova. There aren't many places where the Dragonknights have not fought in.

The Engagement

It often involves small squads or cohorts of Dragonknights, usually below 100 members, and they fight battles by employing guerilla-style tactics and hit-and-run doctrines. These attacks are usually away from the prying eyes of the other races, so they are often found in the farthest pockets of wilderness, like the deep jungles or featureless deserts or abandoned towns.


In the first years of the Dragonwars when the Material Plane was first formed, the Dragonknights and their Dragonlord masters were responsible for Targonia's instability. It is even rumored to be the reason why The Forgotten Lands even existed. This constant fighting has delayed the unification of Targonia until much later, as other races attempted to make their own living through the constant bloody war of the Dragons.


It has led to regular civilians and scholars to question the ethics of the Dragonwars, to see if fighting a war on behalf of Bahamut on Tiamat is worth the countless innocent lives, especially after the Divine Order has included the protection and perseverance of these gods unless absolutely necessary.

Historical Significance

The Dragonwars started when the Material Plane was made and the gods sent forth their creations to populate it. Bahamut and Tiamat contributed the Dragons and Dragonborn into the plane with an innate hatred of the opposite color, a rivalry very similar to Bahamut's and Tiamat's. In extension, this has enabled them to fight it out and prove to the other who is the one meant to rule.


It is regarded as a long and bloody battle between two dragon deities that never seem to see each other as equals in the cosmic fight, and the Dragonborn (as well as the other races) pay for the price. However, to the Dragonknights and Dragonborn, it is a symbol of what it means to be a Dragonborn: we are created from the very blood of Bahamut and Tiamat, and that it wishes the the other doesn't spill over to ruin Targonia, so it is a war being fought for a just cause.

Conflict Type
Military Campaign
Conflict Result
It is an ongoing conflict that still affects the Dragonborn and the rest of Targonia to this day

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