The Arcanic Essembly

"I don't get the regulation of magic. If it was created in the first place, does it have the innate right to be used? Asking for a friend, not myself." - Carvelli Goldwalker, elvish bard, response to why lichdom is banned

The Arcanic Essembly is an essembly of scholars, sages, scribes and wizards that come together to discuss, review and decide on matters that involve the practice of magic, its regulation, and important events that relate to the matters of magic and arcane energy. Made to be the arcane equivalent to The Divine Order, the AE works alongside the DO and the governments of Targonia to pursue a goal in international unity. The AE is one of the few organizations that have members that would be considered too young to enter politics, they believing that all perspectives on the matters of magic better improve yielding the correct response to a matter. When the Magiya School in Eursia was created, it was then headquartered there and became its official council. While it lacks a military or police or any means of extering its control, its legacy of being a council once founded by the original human scholars that caused the formation of Targonia is enough of a legacy to make its guidelines law in most places. It was the Arcanic Essembly that would ultimately ban the use of Source and be responsible for the criminalizing of Sourcerers in Targonia.


The Arcanic Essembly has a council made up of 3 members of each school of magic: a beginner sage, an intermediate sage, and an archmage (typically the oldest in the school or the most veteran).

Public Agenda

The Arcanic Essembly is committed to the continuing and constant regulation and decision making of arcanic matters, from its practice to its regulation both inside schools and outside to commitments of banishing uncontrolling, dangerous and volatile spells, and magic items. It also works in cooperation with the governments of Targonia to enforce laws concerning with the practice and use of magic in city centres, communities, environments, etc.


The Arcanic Essembly has offices in all of the capital cities in Targonia, but they primarily function in the capital city of Helios in Eursia, and nearly all of the members live in the town of Xetropia in the Magiya School. As such, they own these buildings, the school and the entire town. They work heavily in cooperation with the Magiya School and have the right to all the assets they procure, like all the wealth, guards, books, students, professors and nearby land.


The Arcanic Essembly was made as to the arcanic counterpart to the Divine Order, to recruit experts to determine key decisions that are arcanic in nature. It was created 4 years after the formation of the Divine Order by the original human scribes that discovered the god's wager. The Arcanic Essembly, not only created to better understand this, was a regulated organization that would determine how spells would work, who practices them and such, preparing for the dawn of the formation of nations that will need to discuss arcanic matters.


The Arcanic Essembly has offices in all offically recognized capitals in Targonia, though they primarily function in either the capital city of Helios in Eursia (their headquarters) and in the town of Xetropia in the Magiya School.


Religion is not the focus of the AE, rather its intent is on the managment of magic and arcane problems rather than divine matters. However, the actuall members of the AE (and by greater extent, the entire Magiya School itself), pray to a lot of the gods found in the Knowledge Domain.

Foreign Relations

The AE, despite its lack of a military, police, or political force, is heavily respected in all governments and organizations in Targonia. They heavily respect the research and decision making processes the AE went through to make sure magic is used and practiced carefully. Noticable relations include a positive relationship with Maladakova for assisting them with the crime problem, in much the same way this causes a negative relation with the Black Mask Society. Springlend has mixed feeings towards the AE, and so does the Order of the Meniasampoca: they don't understand why limiting magic is a good thing, believing instead that all magic could be used for the betterment of society. In recent years, with Eursia's involvement with the war with Osia, Revellon has shared concerns with the AE, beliving that Eursia funds the AE enough to affect certain decisions, like trying to limit the use of magic in Osia, which would heavily affect the war between those two nations. Those claims are made, but are not currently under investigation.

"Arcanus magnus imperium"

Founding Date
Approx. 14 AFT
Research, Council
Alternative Names
The Court of Wizads
Legislative Body
The AE consists of 24 members that come from the 8 Official Schools of Magic, and each school of magic is represented by 3 sages: a beginner sage who has only just recently enrolled in the Magiya School 2 years or prior, an intermediate sage who has been enrolled in the Magiya School for 3 to 6 years or private-practiced for 8 to 12 years, and an archmage, who is typically the School Head of the Magiya, a private mage who has practice magic for 20 or more years, or a known contributor to the Magiya School who practices magic. The AE unions often meet up as a reaction to a request or occurence of an event, organization, or individual that concerns magic. When a date is secured, the Magiya School staff go to each of the schools of magic and notify the teachers and students about the meeting. While the School Head is often forced to go unless someone else steps forward, the beginner and intermediate slots are often volunteered by aspiring students, who wish to better understand the legal side of magic.
Judicial Body
The AE lacks any means of enforcing these laws themselves, so it falls upon the individual governments of Targonia to enforce them. While its more akin to guidelines than actual laws, regulations, and orders, most governments treat it as such due to the great importance magic has on society. So those who typically enforce the laws of their respective nation also is responsible for the enforcement of laws set fourth by the Arcanic Essembly. The notiable difference between the governments is that on some rare occasions, the Arcanic Essembly can opt for different laws to different regions for different reasons. An example would be Zidatzu: all magic is legal there for the purposes of maintaining stability against the ravenous white Dragonknights, while a nation like Maladakova has a ban of illusionary magic, to further combat the fight against criminal activity.


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