"Why? We have used Source for possible thousands of years, why are the Voidwalkers attacking now? Why is the Divine Order outlawing this? Why?" - Balbadihr Swordcrest, Sourcerer at Fort Hope

Heavily inspired by the Source powers found in Divinity Original Sin 2 by Larien Games

Source is a form of energy that allows certain individuals to perform unique feats and powers not otherwise related to spells or to other avenues of explanation. People that have access to this are called "Sourcerers", and each Sourcerer is unique in how they use it, how they obtain it and what it is, though patterns are drawn by the gods they follow. It was used to help better societies from 2145 BFT to 1013 AFT, until creatures called Voidwalkers started attacking locations when Source was used. The entirety of Targonia has since outlawed the use of Source; anyone caught using it are known to be transferred to Fort Hope on Deadwalk Island to be cured.


Physical Characteristics

Source is often depicted as green a mist with the fluidity of water


According to research and experiments, Source feels cold to the touch; not enough to harm, but enough to numb exposed tissue slightly. It behaves very similarly to mist or morning dew, but a bit more stable, as Sorcerers are able to manipulate it through physical interaction.

Geology & Geography

No one knows where this Source comes from or how it manifests. The most widely-accepted theory is that when arcane or divine magic is cast, the process of which a caster pulls the energy from the Waylines is not perfectly efficient: excese arcane and divine magic exists in a form between the raw arcane power in the Waylines and the manifested magic experienced on the physical planes.

History & Usage


The first recorded uses of Source was spotted when elven casters in Springlend discovered these magical energies course through them. It incarnates as powerful effects related to the caster's god, leading to the assumption that Source is the magical energy used in creating the Material Plane. Source has since then been used by those with a strong connection to both the Source and their gods, coining the term "Sourcerer", which is often confused with sorcerers with innate magical energies within.


Earliest discovery was in 2145 BFT when Elvish casters in Springlend discovered these magical energies that manifested during times of prayer, with ranging properties that seemed unique to each caster, but followers are a particular pattern that seems correlated with the gods they worshipped.

Everyday use

While not everyone is a Sourcerer, those who use it typically use in their day-to-day life. Followers of gods known from craftsmanship, artificery, and smithing (like Moradin or Gond) use to enhance their abilities that sometimes seem to go beyond mortal barriers, like working for days non-stopped, reach degrees of perfection impossible, or create magical artifacts out of seemingly non-magical components. Followers with gods within the War domain seem to manifest powers that help aid in combat and warfare, like summoning weapons, healing allies, and otherwise cast powerful spells despite no previous arcane knowledge. A Source's ability is unique to each individual who can use it


As of now, there is no current body of research that is universally agreed upon on how Source is manifested, both in its creation and its manipulation by Sourcerers, which has caused some concerns on its use, especially within the Arcanic Essembly.


For the past 500 years, there have been reports of creatures raiding towns and cities when a Sourcerer is using their Source abilities. This has caused international attention from the Divine Order, Arcanic Assembly and other organizations, as they now believe that Source is causing these creatures to appear. These creatures are called "Voidwalkers", and their ability to overrun a homestead and town is enough to outlaw Source usage and to have Sourcerers rounded by authorities to be dispatched and cure at Fort Hope on Deadwalk Island.


Law & Regulation

The use of Source by Sourcerers and Sourcerers themselves is now outlawed in all nations of Targonia. Anyone caught using Source abilities is rounded by local authorities to be transported to Fort Hop on Deadwalk Island north-west of Revellon to be cured. There is currently no cure, but research is being down to help rid Source from sourcerers.

Source is difficult to quantify in terms of price, as it has its value in the power itself and can only be used by the individual: there are currently no ways to containing Source.
According to the ancient golden dragon scholar Tiber Sectum, he estimated that about 1 in 50 individuals in Targonia are Sourcerers and can use it.
Misty green, light green or light blue
Common State


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