Summer Camp 2022 Pledge Document

Homework #1: Of Pledges and Goals

I, Lnphysics, will take Inspiration from the 31 prompts to create new articles for Tarantellia. I will listen to my body and provide for its needs...even if that means reevaluating my goal. However! This journey shall begin as it shall end...Onward To Adventure!
— hyped up dice goblin

Creative Goal & Motivation

This year, I'd like to adjust my focus from a little bit of all my goals to worldbuilding content designed for one-shots in Tarantellia.   During Adventure April, I wrote a one-shot about a Sprite Village in the Arachnae Wilderness whose home rapidly changed. Players could use the Sprite Ancestry from Pathfinder 2e to play as flying or corgi-riding adventurers trying to save their home from strange new threats.   Even though I see many ways to improve that article as it stands, it made me realize how much I missed writing story arcs for TTRPG's. To that end, my Summer Camp articles will lend themselves to usage in future RPG encounters.   And, who knows, if I can find a format and style that works for me, maybe I'll get to a point of releasing monthly one-shots or chapters for small story arcs (3-5 sessions, max).  

Challenge Goal

Every year, I've started Summer Camp with Diamond in mind. 2018, did not write a single article. 2019, I barely managed 10. 2020 and 2021, diamond, baby!   This year, I'd like to reach diamond, again. If my circumstances change or I think that my mental or physical well-being is suffering, I may slow down, step back, or stop.   That said, Summer Camp is my favorite time of year. I struggle with the social aspect of the challenge due to brain-stuff. But, even from the sidelines, our community's energy is invigorating.   Everyone is working on their articles, projects, and goals, but we are all one community, one family.  

Homework #2: Prompt Themes


The Arachnae Wilderness is a forest that spans the Claw Continent.   Unfortunately, there are only a few safe trade routes available for travel due to geography, afflicted flora and fauna, unpredictable weather, and territorial communities.   Ideally, I'd like to iron out the area in and around the Sullen Swamp. However, any expansion in the Arachnae Wilderness will be incredibly satisfying.   If all that fails to inspire, I also need to iron out my version of the feywild...


The four main families in La Chiave a Croce would be great figures for me to iron out.   The Tarrenbrooks are the oldest family who has greater world influence with environmental and humanitarian pursuits.   The Silverswords offer militaristic and religious strength.   The Clearsparks run and operate educational systems.   And the Whispershadows do... something... No one in the port-city knows what, but they always seem to find themselves in the middle of everything.


There are three major forms of Discovery actively pursued on the Claw Continent.  
  1. Spell Education and Creation
  2. Artifact Acquisition and Neutralization
  3. Natural Catalog and Comprehension
  There are two major acquisition organizations on The Claw Continent: the Den of Papyrus and the Weaver's Guild. Their primary focus is dangerous artifacts created by magical geysers and leaks, but they research all forms of discovery.   On a smaller scale, there are other forms of Discovery occuring at Priscilla's Potent Pastries. We'll see if any prompts fit!


Areas spiking in magical activity created many changes in the Arachnae Wilderness. The unstable artifacts and unpredictable natural behaviors mentioned in the previous categories barely scratch the surface.   Creatures, both predator and prey, have undergone unique changes in abilities, conduct, and stature. Most become deadlier by the year...some by the day. It all depends on artifact retrieval and neutralization.   As for monsters with the...human...condition, there's rumbling in La Chiave a Croce. Someone is watching them. Someone with friends who are willing to do whatever it takes for their success.

Homework #3: Inspirations and Mini Meta

My Favorite Writing Playlists


Inspirational Imagery

The carousels below were used last year as well. Once I have more options available to me, they will be updated.


All photographs were taken by me.


All pieces were completed by me. The watercolor was done with pans of paint, cheap brushes, and a watercolor book. The drawing was done with pencil, ener-gel pens, and a grid notebook. The mini was designed on Hero Forge.

Motivational and Inspirational Quotes

"If we wait until we're ready, we'll be waiting for the rest of our lives."
— Lemony Snicket, The Ersatz Elevator
"What use am I to anyone like this?"
"Use is a poor word, a small word. You are of great worth to many just as you are."
— Jonathan Renshaw, Dawn of Wonder
"I write books when left unattended."
Janet, World Anvil Twitch Stream

Mini Meta

For easy access to my world meta in case I need to pivot my focus during Summer Camp, here's a link to my World Meta.
life & death and weaving stories Technology vs Magic will be omitted because this area is strictly magic. This theme's collide with technology will occur on a larger scale.
I'd like to iron out the Sullen Swamp, its surrounding areas, and particularly the factions in and around the area
terraria's glowing mushroom biome, the Golgari from MTG, Map Crow's Worldbuilding: Fix Your Factions on YouTube

some of the factions surrounding the Sullen Swamp are friendly to the outside world and others are not but for different reasons
Current Affairs

Homework #4: The Final Countdown

  • Mornings: Writing and Minor Edits
  • Throughout the Day: Jot down Inspiration in a small notebook
  • Evenings: Writing and Brainstorming
  • Tea: Acquired
  • Workspace: Organized
  • Living Space: Work in Progress
  • Organized for Growth
About that....
  • Status: Nonexistent...
  World Meta
Support System and Accountability
Due to brain gremlins, when I share, it won't be to hold myself accountable. Instead, it will be to test my comfort levels with being seen and putting my work out there.
  • My partner
  • My friends, aka my chosen family
  • WA Discord
  • My followers

Follow along with me!


Subscriber Groups

As a bonus goal, I'd like to include extra content on each of my Summer Camp articles for subscribers. If I get my subscriber groups set up in time, I'll provide access to them here.  

Table of Contents

Reminder: Treat this challenge as a chance to surprise yourself.

Nnie's Camp Chill Guidelines

- Remember the prompts are suggestions, not requirements.
- Write what you're passionate about, leave what you aren't.
- Relax when you feel tired.
- Fight off any pesky brain-squitos trying to make you doubt your work.
- Don't abandon your non-summercamp goals! Write that article you're itching to write, even if it doesn't fit any prompts.
(Shared with permission from Annie Stein. Read her thoughts on 'Camp Chill' on her Camp Pledge.)

My Pre-Summer Camp To-Do List

To keep myself on track, I'm working on adapting my Prep document from last year to set myself up for success in July.  
Summer Camp 2022 Prep
Generic article | Jun 29, 2022
Reminder: Treat your writing time as sacred.

2021 Summer Camp


CSS Resources

Here are two of my favorite resources for CSS information. If you follow the first link, you'll be taken to the CSS Codex. On this page, there is a test world, Perillel by ZogMadDog, with a downloadable CSS code.     Once you have an understanding on what you're doing, the following link will give you some ideas from TJ's CSS Test World. There are useful reminders and examples here for giving your world those final touches.    

Other Inspirational Sources

The following are links to collections and boards that could be used for inspiration this Summer Camp.  

Good luck everyone! Let's get our write-on!

Cover image: Golden Clouds, speckled by Lauren Nelson


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