Realm of Whispers

Dancing just beyond the physical realm lies a world coated in whispers. Here, spirits have moved beyond the veil, so to speak, and wait to be let into paradise.   Many tarants do not know about or believe in the Realm of Whispers; however, there are spiritualists who work directly with the spirits trapped in this purgatory. These spell casters will pull spirits into the physical realm of Tarantellia to accomplish tasks such as move or gather objects, protect a loved one, or attack their enemies. While many spirits are forced to aid a caster, some have a working relationship with their summoner. In those cases, the summoner might assist a spirit with some unfinished business.

Cover image: Golden Clouds, speckled by Lauren Nelson


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27 Nov, 2020 20:41

I really like how evocative "coated in whispers" is. Like a pleasant yet infuriating place of existence.