Compendium of Minerals & Ores

Every Orie home near the mines contains 2 books, the Compendium of Minerals and Ores and the pocket edition.   Part One: Water Safety describes how to test and treat water for contact and consumption. Part Two: Monsters Within the Walls outlines how to test a cavern wall before mining through it. Part Three: Flora, Fauna, and Fungi delves into visualizations, descriptions, and warnings associated with anything that could cause trouble during a workweek.   The final and most prolific section, Part Four: Minerals & Ores, includes information on how to find, mine, store, & treat various natural resources found in the mountain range.   The Appendix includes fine print expansions as well as lawyer jargon about guide safety. The front and back covers of the book include small folders for updated information on new dangers. While rare, the local government is quick to pass out this new information.


To protect, guide, and improve the efficiency of Orie cavern workers, the government provides copies of this book openly. Warnings focused on testing and filtering water sources are found in the first section of the book and printed on sturdier paper. The Compendium includes information to help Ories prevent consumption & inhalation of poisonous plants, avoid & escape cavern predators, and safely extract minerals. To avoid theft, the qualities and uses of natural resources are not included. However, this information is available for plants, animals, and fungi in Part Three.

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Publication Status

Every Orie home near the mines contains 2 books, the Compendium of Minerals and Ores and the pocket edition.   While updates are constantly passed out to miners, the 2nd edition of the compendium is available for purchase. If a miner or mining family requires a new book, they are given an old, sometimes faded, copy of the first book.

Historical Details


In the 12th century during their war with The Claw Continent, Orie Country decided to drive their mining abilities forward. By the end of the war, many miners had died or been gravely injured while attempting to speed up productivity. A group of scientists in Asmain decided to put together a guide with the assistance of mining families.

Public Reaction

Upon the release and distribution of this book, most Ories cheered. To them, it appeared the government was doing something to protect and keep miners safe. However, as the release date fades out of living memory, so too does the appreciation of miners and their families. As one travels eastward through Orie Country, more citizens have grown from indifference to antipathy towards the government, publishers, and the book for spreading anti-magic propaganda.
Manual, Scientific
Authoring Date
1149 - 1151 CD. Originally published 1152 CD.
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