Acquisitionist Attire

On the Claw Continent, there are two organizations actively competing for artifact acquisitions, the Den of Papyrus and the Weaver's Guild. While the attire for each organization is similar in structure and function, the silhouettes vary dramatically.

Structure & Function

In the field, both organizations wear jackets and pants designed for extended wear and flexibility. The jackets are slim in the torso and forearms with pockets for storing potions and samples. The pants are bootcut with pockets and straps for tools and supplies. Both organizations wear boots & gloves but that is where the similarities end.   The Den of Papyrus focuses on slim fit & structures for running. As such, the boots are designed to protect the ankles from excessive movement. Their gloves are fingerless. When handling artifacts, handkerchiefs protect artifacts from oils on the hands, but also to keep the user safe from touch transferred enchantments.   Meanwhile, the Weaver's Guild acquisitionists wear flowing clothes that obscure their form. To that end, Weavers working in the field wear flowing enchanted cloaks that camouflage the wearer. Their jacket sleeves puff from shoulder to elbow. Over their pants, they wear half skirt wraps. Elbow length gloves conceal their fingers. Their boots are knee high with wraps for tools.


Externally, there are no visible symbols or iconography on an acquisitionists' attire. Internally, the Den of Papyrus has an embroidered scroll inside the collar and cuff, while the Weaver's Guild quilts the lining with a web pattern.


These clothes are designed to assist the artifact hunters with bodily and artifact safety in mind. The Weaver's Guild attire utilizes enchanted fabric that conceals the body, while the Den of Papyrus uses stretchy fabric that allows for a quick getaway.   Both organizations wear neutral tones for the base of the outfit. The Weaver's Guild attire have accented sleeves, wrap, and cloak. This fabric is enchanted to blend into the environment when the wearers' adrenaline spikes.   To save on materials, there haven't been any major evolutions to Acquisitionist Attire.

Societal Reaction

When an acquisitionist travels through town, some kids stand in awe as they imagine daring adventures; however, most acquisitionists (and their attire) are met with indifference. Enterprising individuals either seek out or avoid acquisitionists. While curious about the knowledge an acquisitionist possesses, the Den of Papyrus has been known to claim items for their collection without appropriate compensation.   The Den of Papyrus chose their attire with function in mind first and foremost. If they desired any reaction from those around them, it would be silent respect.   The Weaver's Guild, on the other hand, prefers to remain out of sight. Their attire is similar enough to the Den of Papyrus that it doesn't look out of place to a passerby. In the evening or in the forest, their cloaks and wraps help them remain concealed.
Item type
Clothing / Accessory

Sample of the Acquisitionist Attire

Looking at this image, the left side is the Weaver's Guild attire while the right side is the Den of Papyrus attire. This illustration indicates precisely where the differences lie. The Weaver's Guild cloak is not shown nor are either organization's gloves.

by Lauren Nelson

Cover image: Golden Clouds, speckled by Lauren Nelson


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5 Jun, 2021 21:38

Nice article! I like how your image shows the difference between the two types. Also nice how you describe the different function of each attire depending if it is for the papyrus or weavers. It seems a usual and pratical outfit for what they do.

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Thanks, Kefkejaco! The image took a couple of tries but I'm glad it worked out ok.

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Interesting contrast, and motives. It really helps drive home the personality difference.

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Thanks, Michael! I'm glad to hear that the organizations' distinct personalities were clear.

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I want a Den of Papyrus outfit, STAT! How cool would it be to have a breathable outfit with scroll embroidered on the inside?? Speaking of. Does the scroll serve a purpose other than being incredibly aesthetically appealing? I could see acquisitionists custom-tailoring their scrollwork so, in the event of an unexpected death, someone else could come along and identify their bodies. The need for speed and stealth implies they have rather dangerous jobs.

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Thanks, butterr44! I thought of it as a marker so the Den of Papyrus could reclaim the clothes in the case of … unforeseen circumstances. I love the idea of adding an identifier. Perhaps the acquisitionist's initials on the cuff scrolls? Thanks for the great question!   I plan on making the Den of Papyrus and Weaver's Guild articles public once I tidy them up a bit. Those articles will go over the ins and outs of the acquisition field, as well as the different approaches each organization takes to complete their jobs.

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Nice article! It's interesting to see the contrast in mindset between the two organisations while starting with a similar outfit, and your image helps highlight those differences :D I'm wondering what kind of dangers they are both facing and how efficient the outfit is at protection them against that?

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Thanks, Amélie! There were magic explosions throughout the claw continent about 100 years ago. It destroyed everything in its path. That said, the explosion also overwhelmed these areas with excess magic. In areas without magic wielders using up the excess, the overflow caused rapid evolutions of plants and animals. It also created magical artifacts that cause random effects or could be used as magical batteries.   Both organizations have different mindsets when it comes to acquiring these items. The Den of Papyrus wants to 'get in, get out' while the Weaver's Guild tries to take their time to understand the area. I have a few articles that will link back to this one but I'm not ready to make them public quite yet. ^_^ Thanks for a great question!

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I like this article and it let me wanting to know more regarding the two organization strugle to find more artifacts. The hand made picture of the split uniform is a nice touch as well.

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Thank you for your kind words, Laria! :D I plan on writing articles about both organizations and their struggles. I'm hoping these organizations will work for both a background story in a novel as well as reveal potential allies in future RPG campaigns.

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