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Yingzhou has a fairly variegated population race-wise. The most common are humans, followed by gnomes, tieflings, and dwarves. Minority races that still have a sizeable representation in the population are half orcs, genasi, tabaxi, and it has a small community of halflings.


While Yingzhou is an important and influential city, due to its proximity to the capital Caozhou it doesn't thave a local government, but instead the higher ranking official is an envoy from the capital. Said envoy has a mandate of 5 years, that can be renewed an indefinite amount of times after a review of their performance. Taxation is decided on the reports this envoy sends to Caozhou, so it's a very important position. The current envoy is Zhou Erlang.


Yingzhou is of course mainly a mercantile city, a hub of trade and selling. It enjoys imports from all over the world, which you can find in the various markets and stores. Over 70% of the merchant caravans of Hanzhou start in there, both for local markets and international ones. One could say that Yingzhou's exports are its merchants.


Yingzhou is a fairly modern city, with most of the infrastructures needed to keep a city running smoothly. Each house has a source of running water coming from the local aqueduct, as well as a connection to the city sewers, making it a very clean city. All the roads are paved in stone, and the most important ones are large and allow traffic to pass smoothly.   The most important buildings are the the Baoyun Pavilion, which is the residence and office of the envoy, the Honghelou Tower, where the offices of the Armar Company are located, and the Mujin Market, the biggest marketplace in the city. All of these are exquisite works of local architecture.   The city is protected by high walls. Near them there is the local Knight Academy, Sanhe Hall. Most of the city's soldiers reside there, as well as some younger recruits, but the higher ranked knights, as well as their students, live in the martial district in their appointed residences. Sanhe Hall is ranked 4th among the Knight Academies in Hanzhou. In the outskirts of the martial district is the local arena, where tournaments and parades are held.

Guilds and Factions

The most important factions in Yingzhou are:

  • the Armar Company: such an ubiquitous merchant company of course is deeply rooted in the city;
  • the Tiexin School: the local martial school, led by the most senior knights in the city, it's famous for how valiant are its disciples;

250,000 citizens
Inhabitant Demonym

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Local Festivities

Yingzhou has a few local events.
  • the Graduation Ceremony of Sanhe Hall (first week of Heremyn): it opens with a private ceremony for the graduates, and then follows a parade of the graduates, which ends with a public ceremony where the top students are introduced to the crowd. A big banquet is then hosted by the Envoy.
  • The Half Moons Festival: a big event that takes place every time two of the moons of Taranis are halved. Rooted in its origins in a famous song, it's an occasion to celebrate life. The most common events are shows of skills organized by any organization that has anything to show off - most commonly martial schools and artisan academies - as well as big merchant sales, as the two half moons are seen as a symbol of good luck for business. Often exclusive auctions are organized where rare artifacts are sold.
  • The Entrance Ceremony of Sanhe Hall (second week of Chindra): a big event where are organised many tournaments, both to rank the hopeful that wish to study in the Hall, and by current students of the Hall to show off and gain some renown. The last day of the Entrance Ceremony is organized a large ball for all students and their families.


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