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The First One

Of all the Gods who emerged from the twisting Chaos of creation, the First One was the greatest and most powerful. Of course, he was not broken then. It was he who established the great Fortress of Creation. The first sight of each of the Great Gods was the face of the First One welcoming them, and it was with their combined efforts that Taralon was born. But again, it was the First One who was the first to meddle, reshaping continents and favoring some civilizations above others, often to the objections of the other gods. Soon, the world resembled his creation more than the collaborative effort it had been. The other gods, Great and Small, grew weary of his rule, and, as the First One sat upon the Throne of Reflection, deep within the Fortress, they struck him down. His titanic power allowed him to stave off the surprise attack, and his great-sword decimated the ranks of the Small gods, yet the outcome was inevitable from the moment the fight had begun. He was mortally wounded over a dozen times, and each new attack against him promised instant death. In desperation, he threw himself from his fortress, down to Taralon. While ordinarily this fall would be nothing more than an inconvenience, after such a powerful attack, the fall was enough to destroy him. His power surged, destroying everything around him for hundreds of miles, before returning to the Fortress of Creation. The First One was never seen again.

Divine Domains

Creation, Belief, Order

Holy Books & Codes

The Book of Origins

Divine Symbols & Sigils

The Perfect Circle, The Endless Line

Tenets of Faith

The followers of the First One seek to restore the order that reigned over the world during his reign, with some of them hoping to empower one of the remaining gods to the status of First One, while others hope to somehow resurrect the First One himself.
Divine Classification

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