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Year 680 Post Ruinam

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The Terran Empire has fallen and it has taken its magical technology with it. The Empire held the knowledge of harnessing magic and combining its power with technology for wondrous machines. These secrets were controlled by the Guilds, the corrupt economic heart of the Empire. When the apocalypse happened all citizens in the great Terran Capital at the center of the world turned to undead monstrosities and all magic and spellcasting in the hundred-mile wide city ceased to work.   With the Empire gone, all of the subjugated lands of the world broke free and sought to carve out kingdoms of their own. Though civil war tears through the land, new invaders, goblinoids from the Dark World, seem to seek only destruction of our lands, our cities, and our families.   Hundreds of years later, adventurers, seeking fame, glory, riches, and power, have been delving deep into the undead Necropolis that was once the Terran Capital, hoping to recover priceless magical artifacts from the once great Empire. Clever inventors hoping to recreate items from the legends have begun to harness the power of steam and industry to create new ways to transport people, manufacture goods, and wage war. This is a time of swords and arrows, a time of sorcery and intrigue, a time of steam and schemes, and a time of... Dungeons and Dragons.

Tapestry is a medieval fantasy setting taking place after a technologically advanced empire has unexpectedly collapsed. Technology is a mixed bag, as some things have been salvaged from the empire while most things have been lost or destroyed. A cybernetically enhanced knight wearing full plate, swinging a sword on top of a steam train that's being robbed by bandits on motorcycles is just the sort of thing to expect.   Tapestry is meant to be played with the Genesys RPG system, though it was formerly designed for Dungeons & Dragons.

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