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Kenmarr Kexx Gritukk (a.k.a. Kenon)

Born in the Jeren Ber in 1263 as Kexx Gritukk, the oldest of the relatively prominent noble family of Gritukk. Kexx supposedly at an early age showed a great intellect earning him the nickname of Keon a combination of his name Kexx and "Onde" Kenirrik for wisdom. Kexx early days are mostly unknown, although it is known, unlike most nobles at the time he was afforded greater education at some larger institution where he met many other nobles and got many friends people who would later in his life support his election as the 17th Kenmarr of Kenirr where his nickname over time changed from Keon to Kenon.   Kenon later became famous for introducing the devisive Kenon Plan (sometimes known as Kenon Pact). Which originally sought simply to institute a miner settlement in the neighbouring and often problematic home of green orcs called Erkirr, however, the Kenon Plan grew over time, including the construction of a central capital in Lekirr, creating a formal army loyal to the state and no estate as well as a few changes in trading policy. The Kenon Plan is often seen as the slow start of the centralisation of the Kenirrik government and as anger and upset grew internally Kenon instituted the final act that would cement him in history, the war with Vanseran.   Kenon would die with the war having only begun but as he died his son became the first successor in Kenirrik history to be the son of his predecessor. His son would also be one of the most important Kenmarr as he successfuly continued the war and cemented the practice of the Kenmarr being the child of the previous one over time ending the Kenirrik elective system.
Southern Kenirrik
1263 AG 1334 AG 71 years old
Jeren Ber
Aligned Organization

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