Primal Beast

A primal beast is a divine variety of a beast, usually an aspect of nature. As such, Ouroboros, the world snake for example was said to have appeared as a gigantic translucent snake, with a head on both ends each.  

Gods and Concepts

These creatures usually embody concepts of nature, such as the tide, natural selection, forest fires, whirlpools, symbiosid, and even natural disasters. The levels of which a Primal Beast can embody an element can goas far down as the spirit simply serving as the Primal Beast of Savagery, or the Primal Beast of Rats.   Usually, they are unusually intelligent and capable of speech, although udually telepathic.   These creatures are ancient gods, less powerful than the ones with active followings, but tribes to this day still pray to their spirits of rain and so on, leading to the creation of a large variety of primal beasts.  

Divine Power Given and Taken Away

There have been accounts of New Gods having repalced certain spirits in some cultures, or even having set out to kill them, some merge with the aspects, absorb them, team up with them, slay them, and so on. As such a certain Demon was said to have slain a primal beast Hyena, granting him dominion over Hyenas, even with his status as a former lesser war god.


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