The evil hyena-like Demon prowls his hunting grounds, as his cackling echoes through the bones of his enemies. The hungry hunter comes, as the never-ending hunger fills the Gnoll hordes with rage.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Oghu, was a sort of warlord of the Tlaomni Teoulxicatli), he carved out a place for them in the Underdark, or at least widened their three dimensional cave borders immensely, by using raids againdt any other living creature. He embraced his hunger, like some others of his tribe, and considered it his right to consume other creatures ever since it came out what the gods had intended them for, he was dead-set on thus consuming their creations.   Oghu was a preacher of the evolution his kind is capable of, revelling in their Stone-Ritualistic Arcanisation as a way to change his powers, body and soul.   This chaos of assimilation and the technology used, left him to become a demon, even within the caverns, which his people had accepted for long. Until the Tlaomni ventured up into the Emerald Jungles). Soon Oghu started wreaking havoc on the towns above, when his own people, an assault launched by Volacouatl and the elves that followed him lead, basically exiled him into the lands of Bleow Fla , where his form changed due to his mental and emotional states. In the savannahs and desert like area, he attempted more modifications with the Stone-Ritualistic Arcanisation as he overcame the sun as his weakness, his hunger grew exponentially, never to be quenched, becoming Kishughis, the insatiable, and the demonic personification of gluttony or greed.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Back when he was named Oghu, in the Emerald Jungles, Oghu gave a Sun Elf named Doresain a Stone-Ritualistic Arcanisation Artefact, which Doresain used for his undead, until Orcus gave him abyssal power, which infused the artefact and transformed Doresain into the first Ghoul. Oghu used this knowledge to become Kishughis after he was exiled by the elves and Volacouatl, god of the sky and knowledge.

Oghu modified his body and soul with the abyssal energy, becoming a demon strong as a demon lord in the process, hunting with Hyenas and his followers, who would both soon like him become Gnolls.

Later Kishughis ventured into the Abyss coming to take Doresain's layer, with Orcus doing nothing to prevent it, Kishughis took the layer for himself striking down any resistance easily.

With Doresain off the table, Kishughis recaptured his abyssally infused technology and became the new master of the Ghoul species.


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