Arkbees are Bees that were subject to distortions of the Ley Field and evolved to use it on their own.

Basic Information

Biological Traits

There are several "jobs" of Arkbee Drones namely: workers, casters, and warriors.
Workers do a variety of jobs, one of which is supply the internal gene pool, others to collect nectar, build up the nest and so forth.
Casters divine positions of flowers and intruders, as well as help plan the hive.
Warriors are probably the smallest group of drones and exclusively attack and defend when necessary.

Aside from these drones there is also the Arkbee Queen, which lays eggs and sometimes makes decisions.

Additional Information


Arkbees have a certain respect towards Ceruleans and other magic users, and respectfully ignore them. Arkbees are a little more daring towards non-magic users if necessary, but leave them alone when not agitated.
Some Humanoids prepare flowerfields and so on in hopes of attracting Arkbees, others place an Arkbee Queen in a vessel so she builds the nest there.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Arkbees produce Arkhoney, (and their Gelee Arkmagi, which is a rarer substance and harder to harvest) named this way due to its magical properties. It has a grand taste of sweetness, followed by a slightly sweet and sour aftertaste which leaves a sparkly sensation on the tongue. Both substances also recover spell slots from the spellcasting and pact magic features.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Arkbees can access spell-like abilities and are slightly smarter than their non-magical brethren. The Queen Arkbee of a hive is able to cast more powerful spells than the workers and warriors.
Queen: 100+ years, Drones: ~23 days


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