The eyes of the pope of the chruch of the blinding light are glowing, as his voice is accompanied by a divine echo, three times louder than usual, it echoes through the hallowed halls. The little girl makes her doll glow to show the other kids of the village she is currently cared for in. The young warrior takes flight as she sprouts angelic wings. Aasimar are chosen souls, children of celestials, or reincarnated saints. They are respected or feared by society, and usually take spiritual stances for their kind. They hear their celestial guide's voices in their sleep or waking life.

Civilization and Culture

Beauty Ideals

Aasimar, while looking close to humans, are usually highly idealized versions of their human counterparts. They spot angelic blonde hair, beautiful skin, astonishing facial features, amazing eyes, a wonderful body. They embody all that is holy (or unholy depending on the type).

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Aasimar gain the inherent ability to speak celestial, the language of the gods and angels. They speak clearly and softly, almost having an angelic ring to their voices.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Several influences could cause an Aasimar to be born to a human. Either that Aasimar has a direct or indirect celestial heritage, or they were chosen before being born by a god or an angel, empowered with divine might in the womb, or perhaps they are already a divinely chosen soul upon birth or someone's reincarnation. An Aasimar being born to a village usually nets them incredible fame. Aasimar are sought after to be natural or spiritual leaders to the people. As their celestial aura dictates, people respect them, look up to them, sometimes despise them. Aasimar are often times well respected.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Conservation Status
There aren't many Aasimar, so the birth of an Aasimar, especially one born not to an angel, is a joyous occasion.


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