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Djer is the language of the Braugi. This language has been written and spoken since the dawn of time, and has not changed or adapted into any other languages. The script of the language is formed of vertical, interlocking symbols, and many texts can be found inked onto hide or scratched into stone. Many words in Djer can invoke magic, when written and spoken properly. Because of this, one Djer symbol is meant to ward off magic caused by the language.

Geographical Distribution

Djer is used solely within the Braug homeland, the silver wastes. It is rare to hear or see it outside of this area and few non-Braug speak it. The few Braug settlements outside of northern Bejar occasionally leak Djer into other cultures, but these areas are small and few. In Braug mythology, Djer is believed to be the language of the Einji, while other Titans use a separate language.

Spoken by
Common Phrases
Dej Hello!
Ur Vell Nuur You hunt the whale
Njevell Spear
Vod Forest
├śr vil njevi I have an axe

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