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The most powerful of the tribes, the Braugi are a collection of clans united under one high chief. The Braugi also control one of the only major settlements within the silver wastes, and do not travel often, unlike their more nomadic brethren. The Braugi are the only tribe to frequently contact the outside world.


The Braugi are a collection of bands joined together by one high chief. In addition to this high chief, each individual clan is led by a chief who makes all decisions relating specifically to that clan. Some Braugi clans travel, while others live within settlements throughout the southern silver wastes. The high chief makes decisions regarding the group as a whole, and is the final authority regarding all disputes.


The Braugi occupy most parts of the Silver Wastes. Their chief settlement is Nisjord, built near the sea and filled with numerous cabins and tents. In addition, several small settlements exist along the southern coast of Bejar, as well as on numerous islands to the east.

Geopolitical, Clan
Government System
Subsidiary Organizations
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