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The nation of Aticio is a small island kingdom off the Southern coast of Bejar. The kingdom is renowned for it's elite crossbow-wielding mercenaries, the primary source of income for the barren island. Because the kingdom is able to produce very little food for itself, the island instead relies on trade through Nez. The island presents itself as neutral, but still makes numerous secret alliances and pacts.


The kingdom is ruled as a monarchy, whose leader uses the elite Atician guards and mercenaries to enforce his will both on the island and abroad. In addition to the king is a council of lords, who act as representatives but in truth simply go along with the king. The council is mostly uninterested with internal affairs, and instead focuses their attention on espionage and infiltration.


Aticio has a small standing army. It has a reasonable navy, but most of the Atician military is composed of mercenaries that are hired out to other countries and organizations. These mercenaries are trained in an academy on the western coast, and all must become skilled in numerous fighting styles. These mercenaries are recognizable by their purple-chequered tabard.

Geopolitical, Kingdom
Government System
Monarchy, Constitutional
Neighboring Nations

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