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An Earth-like world, with oceans vast and deep, jungles sprawling across the land, deserts as far as the eyes can see. Five kingdoms lie within the world, each home to a Personification, a God. The first is Karagard, home to Life and Death. Then Thaxina, home to Love and Hate. Atarst is home to Fire and Water. Qavan, home to Earth and Sky. Rhitica is home to Light and Darkness.   Floating islands rule the sky, beasts of scales and fire ruling the underground and the Gods ruling the land. The ocean is untouched, danger lurks there, but brave fae and elf travel it for work or pleasure. Humans are near extinct, little pockets of them existing here and there. The fae and elf rule the land, with elements in the hands and weapons of the soul in their grip.   Life and Death rule Karagard with an iron fist, no one enters or exits without permission. Their daughter, Veius, wishes to leave the tall walls of Karagard. So she does. She leaves the only home she's known, on a journey with friends she just made, with danger and family around every corner.

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