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Velandra, Sovereign of the Heavens (Vuh-lan-dra)


A land deeply steeped in hegemonic cultural traditions, Nerzin has been firm and unmoving throughout time. Velandra's life as a daughter of peasants was, by all accounts, predestined from the very start. Yet the air and ground shook from her newborn cries, awing her family. Exuding resplendent mana, she embodied power from her very first breath. While her village celebrated a blessed child, her father secretly accused her mother of infidelity. No one in the family looked like such a child, not even within the past ten generations. It left a festering wound, one hidden behind mistrustful glances and unspoken scorn.   As Velandra grew, so too did her ability. By the age of a few summers, she used magic to help around the family farm and village. Whether watering plants, tilling the veltron, or carrying heavy goods, her talents outstripped everyone. Only youthful naivety hampered her efforts, though no end of quiet jealousy followed in her wake. The village grew off her labor, achieving all kinds of abundant harvests. It caught the notice of inspectors, and from them the nobility caught wind of Velandra.   Coveting her seemingly heavenly power, the Kondah family sent one of their spare sons to wed her. Though not a successor, such a marriage to noble blood would elevate Velandra's status as well. The village and her family accepted despite her quiet protests, for it would be an arrangement that benefited them all. Not yet at eligible age for the ceremony, they were betrothed for some years still. Seeing for himself Velandra's power, her fiancee spared no effort in forcing her to work for his ends.   Velandra, trying to do her family proud and be a good daughter, increasingly despised the arrangement. Her fiancee's demands only escalated, and as age neared, he coveted more than just her power. Pushed further and further, and seeing the harrowing future that awaited, Velandra lashed out. After killing her betrothed, the Kondah family furiously demanded justice for turning against them. Their outcry shook the region, and great attention followed after. On the week of her execution, a third party intervened in the form of Kanmuhu Laijan, a jiuweihu teacher.   Enamoring her village and the Kondah family, Laijan bid them to spare her. In return, Velandra–of a young and impressionable, passionate and uncontrollable age–would be properly taught by Laijan's school. The exact details of the arrangement were left behind closed doors, but the Kondah family agreed. So it was Velandra had to journey with the teacher, coming to a reclusive school hidden deep in the mountainous mists. To her surprise, it had children and young adults like her, both human and monsterkind.   Delighted despite the circumstances, Velandra took to her imposing studies with fervor. Richly filled libraries and capable magical tutors offered everything she'd otherwise lacked in her village. It would be over the following years that Velandra soared to the heights of the school. Power, beauty, and more flocked to her, but ever wary of others, she kept herself guarded. Her increasingly sharp wit earned great ire and rebuke, for Velandra spared no effort in scrutinizing her teachings. For as much as the school sought to temper her attitude, she refused to bow her head. In what would've been her graduation year, she was summoned to headmaster Laijan's chambers.   Terrible magics ambushed and restrained her in an instant. Bewildered, she found herself surrounded by the school's powerful elders. Demanding answers, Laijan obliged and revealed the true purpose of the school: those with dangerous talents like hers were trained to serve obediently, or be severed. The latter Velandra herself had seen about the school, students of all kinds whose magics had gone 'wild', taking their talent and most of their minds. Realizing the enormity of the lies, the terrible reality of such a horrific fate crashed down upon her.   Drawing upon all her power, Velandra broke their magics and fought back. Their devastating battle shattered the school and the cliff it resided upon. By the end, only Velandra and the students she saved remained. With nowhere to return to, she left to wander the lands. Those who believed her words of the school and its terrible truth followed after. Together they ventured, all of them lost as to life's purpose. Velandra, though uncertain of many things, resolved to use her power virtuously. If, for no other reason than to spite those who decried her.   On their journeys across Tomu, Velandra and her entourage saw tradition's oppression. Those who fell outside of its proper ideals were molded to fit back in; beaten or worse, if necessary. Though the severed were rare sights, no end of similar fates awaited. Even more surprising to them were those who resisted, overt or not, everywhere they went. Theirs wasn't a strange or unusual tale; it was the song of the people of the lands.   While Velandra remained weary of becoming involved, her concerns made her entourage protest fiercely. Greatest among them stood Hanaru, Velandra's then closest confidant. She insisted that one as gifted and powerful as Velandra had to take a stand. The rest of them certainly would. Unwilling to be someone who dishonorably abandoned her friends, Velandra was left without choice. The others were all too glad to have her power, and so fed the smoldering embers of rebellion.   As the nascent uprising took form, conflicts both small and grand followed. Tales of her incredible power spread faster and faster, drawing even more attention. A proverbial tempest took form, all of Nerzin coming to fixate upon her for good or ill. Divine beings themselves flocked toward her, some to bask in her presence, others to ask for help of their own. Cultivators and mages came by the droves, wishing to learn from her or to steal her magics. The ruling powers sent martial experts to quell the unrest and kill the 'rebellious leader' that Velandra became called. Some divine powers themselves saw her audacity as a challenge, descending to confront her.   And so she welcomed them all, unyielding before the onslaught. A beacon of hope to some; heavenly help to others; terrifying destruction to those who drew blades upon her.   In the ensuing struggles, more flocked to the banner others built around her. They turned toward Velandra for guidance, something that ever bewildered her. Where did she belong in such a changing world? Should it even be her to do the deed? Such thoughts troubled her greatly, for there was no place for her in the world she grew up in. Hanaru and the others, drunk upon their own successes, drifted away. They sought glory, wealth, and power, all of them drawn to war for its rich bounty. In the end only Velandra remained, keeping a bare handful of aides in a sea of strangers.   From careful introspection and study did an epiphany reveal itself: if a world for her didn't exist, she must make one herself. Such a realization wasn't a simple plot of land or a nation with borders, but a refutation of Nerzin's hegemonic beliefs. Although lacking the vision in how to achieve it, Velandra nonetheless set her followers to task. Their first step was to create a worthy home, one that all others would become inspired by. It wasn't one to be born from fire, but their own earnest heart and soul.   Her peaceful message rankled those who sought that very same blood and fire. Most left; others tried to overthrow Velandra, only to meet the same devastating end all her enemies did. Many more, be they farmers, bakers, masons, and all the other people of the lands, took it to heart. They flocked toward Velandra and listened to her direction. Upon their backs and words of mouth, they built for her a palace-city, fashioned with great skill and unbound hope. Poor or rich, mortal or divine; they gathered and a city deserving of their dreams followed.   Seeing all their efforts for naught, the ruling powers of Nerzin amassed together. The Kondah, Qor, Anyao, Meldron, and more noble families joined arms. Even those outside the human realms came, greatest among them the Kanmuhu. They marched vast armies upon Velandra's palace-city in sizes that hadn't been seen in centuries.   Outmatched, her followers prepared for the worst while Velandra looked on. On the day of the first siege, she famously laughed; laughed so hard and loud it echoed for miles. The veltron trembled underneath, then cracked, then broke beneath Velandra's magic. Her enemies watched, struck stupid by the sight of the whole city lifting into the sky.   It would be, in the moments her new home broke through the clouds, Velandra saw clearly for the first time. The great skies, the vast Heavens, and the world's supreme elegance arrayed before her. Whether on Veltrona below or elsewhere, she need only transcend the limits everyone sought to impose. Unfettered, boundless, all of the universe could one day be within her reach. Even the Heavens would, eventually, look up toward her.   So Velandra found resolve at long last, and embarked upon the path of her own greatness.  
Even as a child, I knew how different I was. I ever wondered, 'Who am I? What am I?', but no answer ever felt right. To be a good daughter, I helped others, only to be shackled by them in return. I dared to ask why, and they demanded silence instead.   When I stood against that, the weak called me brave and a heroine. They foisted their dreams upon me, and called me great for struggling on their behalf. I ever wondered, 'I simply want a place of my own, why do you need me?'. They did not have the power to make a place of their own.   It was only when I stood upon the doorstep of the Heavens did I realize something. I am who I am, and no other is like me. Whether blessed or cursed, this power is me and mine, and so I shall use it. By the virtues I believe just, I may live without regret.   Righting the discord of the lands will just be one stop along the way. A single step in the long journey of my empyreal destiny. I do not know what will become of me, or what awaits. Still, I will walk it, one step at a time.
— Velandra, speaking to Venyra. While their first meetings proved rough and quite tumultuous, the two found common ground in their lifes' struggles. In spite of their abrasiveness, they eventually kindled a deeply loving romance.

Physical Description

Body Features

Although born to peasants, Velandra's magical prowess spared her from the arduous labors of the field. Her habit of using magic in place of physical necessity left her on the thinner side, a problem that later started impacting her health. Upon the advice of actual warriors, she took up physical training to keep herself in shape, active, and healthy enough to handle her powerful magic.   Velandra's body, as a whole, is fairly typical of a human born in Nerzin. Her height sculpts her toward the slender side, rounded by a comfortable healthiness of body fat. It's quite not an athlete's sculpted physique, but she's not out of shape, either. A comfortable medium-sized bosom adorns her chest, and a slight curve to her hips rounds out her feminine figure.   Her skin is notably unblemished and unmarred by any most indications of stress or age. It could be called a prelude to a divine physical refinement, though lacking in the ethereal aura actual divinity usually have.

Facial Features

Velandra's face is defined by its strong lines and curving softness, leaving it somewhere between a diamond and heart shape. Her upturned eyes play well with her somewhat thick, sloping nose, creating a strong front and side profile. From her side she seems stricter and stronger in shape, while the front is evocative of softer comfort. The intensity of her gaze, and her magical eyes, however is always present. Some people find it quite off-putting as a result.   Her hair is often dressed in ways to accentuate her facial features in some manner. The simple bangs down across the forehead and locks framing the sides look evokes a regal, noble, or high-class impression usually seen in the courts. Tucked back bangs and looping hoops of locks softens her fierceness, while emphasizing strong and heartly womanly beauty. Her hair's rarely drawn back unless for highly formal affairs or practical necessities for armor.

Identifying Characteristics

A human with white hair like hers is quite notable, as it's an exceedingly rare-to-nonexistent feature in the species at young or adult ages. Velandra's eyes are, themselves, quite catching and plainly magical, if not divine as some people think them to be. Her height is also somewhat significant, though only really among her people–she's taller than them, generally.   Those with capable magical senses, however, will always notice the unfathomable presence Velandra exudes. She embodies mana in ways almost no other does, making her presence extremely unique to sense. If she isn't deliberately hiding her aura, it's a telltale sense that Velandra is nearby.

Special abilities

Transcendent – Unbound by the rules that limit others, Velandra can reach heights unimaginable, and become something more than human. She is uniquely her own source of mana, an unimaginable existence unseen elsewhere on Veltrona. Her only limitations are her knowledge, training, and willingness to push and go beyond. What may ultimately result from this remains to be seen.   Pure Magic – Being her own source of mana, Velandra can wield pure mana as easily as breathing. An incredibly difficult form of magic ordinarily, she's capable of feats others can only dream of, if they can even imagine it. More uniquely, she's able to aspect her pure mana into all other kinds of mana, giving her fuel to all other magical arts without concern. The nature of her mana and magic is where many believe her to be divine or Heavenly in origins; if, at least, blessed by them.

Apparel & Accessories

Her regal attire consists of the three distinct layers: dress, armor, and jewelry.   Her dress is composed of several layers for a distinct heaviness and thickness to it. The base fabric color is an obsidian (black with purple sheen), contrasted by an ethereal blue/teal embroidery (depicting winds and waters). Golden threads and stitching provide accenting, especially to help distinguish areas that might otherwise blend in. The dress' sleeves reach down to her wrists. At her waist, the skirt of the dress splits in two, revealing her pants/boots/underarmor. This is to convey a sense of mobility, rather than a traditional confinement seen in courtly dresses.   At the armor layer, she has a cuirass, pauldrons, vambraces, thigh covering, and shin plates. The underlying metal is mana-steel, dyed in the a shiny obsidian color to have cohesion with her dress. Draconic imagery is drawn across her front, in a symbolic representation of herself and her own greatness. The paintings will use the same teal/blue ethereal colors, though more sharp and distinct. In general, the armor is between plate-and-scales, trying to appear like dragon scales, but without fully going over to a scalemail aesthetic. In the case of the pauldrons, for example, they sweep out and upward like claws.   For jewelry, she has a modified helmet->crown, and gloves->finger claws. Concessions in protection were made to better stylize her appearance. The crown itself is a full helmet, leaving just her face open. From the exact sides of her heads, metal prongs sweep out, then upward. In essence, they resemble a O cut in half. At the center point of this half-O (at the peak of the crown), each prong juts upward in a sharp point, leaving a gap of a few inches between them. Thus, the circle is not complete.   Her finger jewelry has a combination of a metalic frame, overlaid with claws made out of crystals. Similarly, teal/turquoise/yellow jewels are embedded into the cuirass, pauldrons, shin guard, and crown–these do serve a practical purpose in magical usage, but they are stylized to accent her appearance.

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity





In her time as a child, Velandra learned the ways of the land any peasant family would need to survive. During her unwitting imprisonment, she received a firmly structured foundation for learning magic. Although geared at trying to contain and limit her, the fundamentals it taught were quite universal in nature. The prison-school also provided a great deal of general education in arithmetic, social decor, and other estimable qualities noble women would possess.   It would be when Velandra broke free and struck out on her own that she could learn even more. An appetite spurred her on, hunting for magical arts, philosophical books, and all the fruits of knowledge. As her capability and influence grew, no end of people were willing to trade such things for her favor. In that way, her libraries grew, and the number of scholars or teachers coming before her only increased. For a human of her age, Velandra fed and grew upon a frightening abundance of knowledge.   Her unique relationship with mana itself imparted perspectives and capabilities few others could come close to matching, or understanding. In many ways, she is already a mistress of magic, perhaps exceeding even millennia old dragons, jiuweihu, and baarham. Velandra, however, is never truly satisfied with her skill, and so always sets practice, refinement, and tempering to it.

Mental Trauma

A life of scornful looks and mistrustful glances has ever left Velandra on guard against other people. Worse, as they came to covet her magic (or her), their evil greed has only justified her caution and guard. Velandra grew to distrust the people she met, something that is only ever vindicated by her experiences.   She carries a deathly fear of becoming severed–or at least, maimed/lobomotized in such a way her magic and mind is forever destroyed. Her once-trusted teachers once tried to do so, after all. Velandra is unflinchingly cruel to those who practice such horrendous punishments. The mere act of bringing it up as a topic is one of the quickest ways to rouse her anger.

Intellectual Characteristics

Born with incredible talent, Velandra grew with confidence in herself and what she could do. It is something that others in her youth ever lambasted her for, deeming it 'unwomanly' and 'against properness'. Such derisions only sharpened her, and while others excluded her, Velandra kept her head up. Her confidence engendered a meticulous mind, one that had to examine social conventions to survive. It played well with her magical talent, and so her thoughtfulness has ever been her strongest characteristic.   Breaking free of those who sought to oppress her, Velandra's pursuit of her own greatness galvanized her. Arrogance born of capability, sharpened with haughty demeanor, she is her own woman first and foremost. Velandra redefined decorum and properness to her terms, casting scorn and treating others who treated her in turn. She's notably not a uselessly cruel or vain person. Velandra goes out of her way to send a clear message if provoked, making some of her reactions quite extreme. They're invariably justified in her own mind.   Although life taught her to see the worst in others, she carries a hopefulness about their potential. In many ways, she likes the 'idea' of people more than the ugly realities that confronts her. It lets her shape people-friendly governmental policies, but avoid actually socializing in an empathetic manner. Conversely, Velandra is exceedingly harsh and expectant of 'nobility' or those with greatness who shirk their duties.

Morality & Philosophy

Life imparted a willingness to question and challenge convention upon Velandra. What she was taught was proper only became things others, themselves, failed to uphold. The obvious discrepancies further pushed her to wonder even more why people would keep up such things. That her questions inspired ire and obedience without thought simply validated her righteousness in questioning them. Tradition, most of all, she cast her baleful gaze upon and demanded to know its worthiness.   It can be seen strange and perhaps contradictory how Velandra chooses some ideals, but scorns others. A believer in virtuous behavior, she doesn't ascribe to the virtues other people tell her are correct. Trusting her own instinct and heart, she follows what she believes to be the true way. When others were drawn toward her vision, it only validated her belief. It would be later teachers and philosophical debate that sharpened it upon factual truths. Velandra looked at the results of her ideas of virtue, and saw far more good resulting from them than tradition's.   She does believe in the goodness of people, even if reality tends to show otherwise. However, being strict and unrelenting, she has little patience for when people fail to live up to her standards. Ultimately, in opposition of most traditional upbringings, Velandra pushes for change and improvement, seeing stagnation as abhorrent. While some cultures might find her not that extreme, to that of her people, she is a wild revolutionary.   The concerns of mundane life being what they are, Velandra's fundamental goal is realizing her own greatness. Whether it be a mistress of magic, a transcendent beyond humanity, or something else, it is her life's purpose. An eternal journey that she walks upon, and no matter how long she rests, continues to walk. Being fundamentally vague and abstract by nature, however, often leaves her at a loss on how to continue sometimes.   As her journey carried on, newer and more profound responsibilities have landed in her lap. To be a sovereign, first and foremost, consumes much of her time. In a holistic sense, it can be viewed that ruling in turn engenders herself toward greatness. Unlike many other leaders, however, she does not view leading as intrinsically necessary. Rather, it offers opportunities yet unexplored, and whether or not she will remain in the role is a great mystery indeed.


Venyra, the Desolator

Lover (Important)

Towards Velandra, Sovereign of the Heavens



Velandra, Sovereign of the Heavens

Lover (Important)

Towards Venyra, the Desolator




White Hair and Its Meaning

Of all hair colors, white has something of a particular meaning in Nerzin. In a basic way, it represents respectable ability, wisdom, and knowledge of those who survive to the luxury of old age. For the immortal or long-lived monsterkinds, this takes on an even deeper meaning as timelessness becomes a component too. In their eyes, to have white hair is to be a kind of divinity. Hence, white and black tend to represent conceptual extremes depending which specific culture.   Velandra's natural white hair, incredible mana, and peculiar magical eyes marked her as a special child from the moment she was born. Nothing about her has ever been mundane, but out of everything, she can change her hair. In a way, by dying parts of it black (or other colors), she is rejecting the mysticism surrounding white hair. It could be seen as a shocking way of blemishing her own image, but romantics have spun this refusal into a bold statement of its own. Since becoming a ruling sovereign, noble courts and fashion trends have taken note, and some are breaking very stringent hair styling traditions.   The truth of the matter is Velandra doesn't want to appear older than she is. Having not lived that long, it rankles her sensibilities to claim such venerable prestige for something she was simply born with. Even for her, it can be hard to ignore the fantastical mysticism, and the lingering implications she may be divine in some capacity.    

Design Notes

These notes are from the meta-perspective of development, so anyone interested in the design logic, creator intentions, or other 'out of the world' information can find them here. Please be aware some of the information may pose spoilers to the narrative of the character, so avoid this area if that is a concern.  
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Ultimate Power And None of the Insanity

Velandra as a character deliberately designs against things like 'overwhelming power->crazy person', which are common countermeasure tropes in the area she operates in. She is almost always of sound mind and reasoning despite the fantastical nature she exudes, lending her an unyielding sense of control and capability. It is not that she cannot be taken by emotional extremes, but that she is not ruled or destroyed by them.   In fact, her sense of control tends to make her unusual because of the eccentricities those in her level of power tend to demonstrate. She comes off as 'very normal' surrounded by very 'not normal' things, more often than not. It's something she shares with Venyra, who tends to have a no-nonsense attitude to even the craziest things.    

Unlimited Power

Velandra breaks one of Veltrona's normal behaviors in that her access to her unique type of mana means she functionally has 'infinite energy' at her disposal. Whereas many people would dream of acquiring 'enough mana' to do things like her, she has never once encountered that issue. For Velandra, her struggle is being able to utilize her mana with her knowledge, body, and techniques.   Imagine her mana like an endless ocean, but her knowledge, body, and techniques is the pipe through which it can flow–there is only so much that goes through before she starts to suffer damage, if not a gruesome self-destruction. Hence, she focuses on refining her sense of control, and expanding her capabilities in order to 'widen' the pipe. Or, as the case may be, condense mana down to allow even more to come through in the same limited space.   This concept is a keystone component to her narrative arc, and should be kept in mind whenever dealing with themes surrounding her magic. Themes of exploration, study, and learning of magic are important to maintain as Velandra is always trying to grow in that way.    

Narrative Arcs

"A normal woman gifted with supernatural talent, and the struggles that puts her through life".   Velandra's normal sensibilities collide with her distinctly 'special' talent, in a way that often reads as 'woman vs society'. It is the constant outside forces that cause her harm, trouble, or inconvenience, especially as because her very nature is so either unknowable, or unfathomably rich–so many wish to destroy or capture her for their own ends. Ultimately, her own internal struggles of doubt, uncertainty, and incapability are pitted against outside intrusion, danger, and cultural oppression. It is never her own intrinsic talent or power that acts against her.   Hence, it is important to understand the scales of her struggles in their myriad forms. Interpersonal relationships, such as Venyra or others, is quite important and these things have conflict irrespective of her 'ultimate power'. Just because she is most likely in the top 5% of powerhouses on Veltrona doesn't preclude such matters from causing life-changing effects on her or her sphere of influence. Conversely, matters of 'power against power' tend to overly favor her as she would win such confrontations more often than not.   Her ultimate power serves as a means of exploring the consequences of power and what effects it has on those around her, and the world. She shouldn't be treated solely as a blunt instrument that wins power struggles, as that is often a foregone conclusion in her favor. Instead, we must explore the consequences of said conflict, and what rippling effects that has. Velandra is a titanic existence, and so encapsulating the ramifications of her actions is critical to that.   However, she is not the only super power on Veltrona, so those conflicts are deserving of their own attention.   To look at it in another way: one of the most common narrative arcs is a protagonist who lacks power, goes on a journey to acquire power, and then overcomes the barrier that once impeded them. If Velandra has ultimate power, and so this journey functionally doesn't matter, what becomes of her narrative arc? We must fundamentally design a different journey that does not rely on the acquisition of power.    

Stylish and Elegant, sprinkled with Human Brutality

Velandra takes care of herself, lives to a high standard, and finds things like sophisticated mannerisms as quite estimable. She learns, absorbs, and emulates these things as treating herself with high-class respect is a ritualistic form of self-care. That said, she is not afraid of getting her hands dirty or stepping into the mud, for she was raised a daughter of farmers. Above everything else, the dressings of high society are something she adorns as a choice; she has no compulsions about tearing those away if it suits her in the moment.    

Velandra leans toward Water and Mountainous Metaphors

Although she's capable of every magic imaginable with time and work, conceptually Velandra tends to showcase themes of 'water' and 'veltron (mountain)'. She is ambivalent, but structured; capable of motion and flow, but rigid and unyielding. She is vast and unknowable, yet tall and piercing toward the heavens.   Other types of metaphors can show up, but these tend to strongly reflect her mindset. Hence, when writing her, embodying these concepts can frame the heavenly and granduer aspects of her personality.    

Velandra and Venyra Foil and Compliment Each Other

The two idiots are intended to be 'harmonious opposites' of each other, not unlike the yin and yang. In many ways they are similar, in many ways they are different, and how they express both informs both who they are as a person, and who they are together.   Velandra was born with ultimate power, but needs to train for it. Venyra was born with ultimate growth, but needs to train to realize it. Velandra was abandoned by her family; Venyra's died for her sake. Velandra is particular and calculating; Venyra favors easiness and going with the flow. They're both incredibly vindictive, vengeful people: Velandra is precise and cutting, while Venyra leaves scorched desolation. They're both insular and guarded, preferring very controlled encounters that don't offend or trouble them.   It is important to think of how similar they are, rather than dissimilar. A common conceptual mistake is to emphasize how two 'opposites' characters are different, often in a puzzling and contradictory manner. It can feel like such otherwise disagreeable people are together because the story said so, not because it feels as if they should be. By looking at their similiarities, the differences they do have stand out that much more. In doing so, their distinctive natures maintain their uniqueness, while still having a harmony to work together.   Hence, the two are never intended to be apart or 'broken up' or whatever. Normal relationship squabbles or otherwise aside, they're built that way, and it would diminish both their stories to change that. Where there is one, there will invariably be the other.    

Miscellanious Details

  • Velandra herself was actually born an immortal, though she does not realize this until a critical detail makes itself apparent.
  • Her magic has a natural purple tint to it, though that can be overridden by magical arts used from different peoples. Since her pure mana itself is purple, instead of plasma blue, that certainly means something in itself.
  • Color language is important in design, and for Velandra, purple has certain considerations. Traditionally its color is associated with royalty due to the difficulty/scarcity of the actual purple dye itself in Earth's history. In popular fiction, while that history is maintained somewhat, purple also came to stand in for the 'strange, magic, mysticism, bizarre, otherworldy', and most importantly, anything related to 'space' or 'gravity'. Purple is an outlier in how it's usually treated as the default 'weird stuff' color as a result.   For Velandra, deciding what her 'unusual' mana color was going to be proved somewhat challenging. All other colors (red, green, blue, etc) have strong, pre-existing visual identities associated with them, and associated design that speaks. Since the default color of pure mana is blue, if hers was red, it would give an initial impression of dangerous/violent/bloody/threatening, especially if paired with black as a secondary color. If it was green, it would be associated to nature; yellow, the sun, gold, or wealth, etcetra.   These things can be overridden with enough work, but first impressions can be important. Hence, purple became Velandra's staple color, and it is treated somewhat special as a result–a fact reflective of the generally special nature regarding purple as a dye, anyway. It's a little unfortune her gravity/space manipulation powers are also tinged purple as I feel like I'm feeding into a stereotype ... but, colors are fun to play with in that regard.    
  • She primarily utilizes simple, but incredibly over-fueled sources of magic.
  • The more advanced stuff is a problem for her because she has trouble fine tuning the raw amount of mana she puts out into those more delicate, easily-broken forms of magic. Imagine having a firehose going at full blast when you need a garden hose, and the problem becomes apparent.   This is worth expanding on, as because even though 'her' forms of magic are generally simplistic, the amount of power she pumps into them is quite fantastical. A rock thrown at someone is its own thing; throwing a moon at someone is certainly its own thing as well. Both are objects being hurled with kinetic force, but the scale at which we speak of is what differs them.   Similarly, her ability to manipulate and control gravity can be construed as 'simple, but overpowered'. Simplicity itself does not mean ineffective or useless, especially when simplicity can be quite the elegant thing. Heavily condensed mass into a small, fist-sized object hurled at relativistic velocities is two simple ingredients that can result in nearly pure, total annihilation to the target.   That said, Velandra is always studying to figure out more advanced forms of magic, even if she has to kind of build her own style of magic from the ground up.

    Current Location
    Honorary & Occupational Titles
    A sovereign is a supreme existence, one at the apex of the Heavens in Yonfao philosophy. Velandra, by embracing such a mantle, unabashedly declared herself the greatest of beings. While there is the literal 'sovereign ruler' implications, the philosophical nature of it is closer to her true intentions. By enveloping the Heavens themselves within her sovereignty, it is a direct challenge to all beings–mortal or divine. Something more and more are believing to be a legitimate claim as her successes ever increase.
    Year of Birth
    2403 TD 32 Years old
    Current Residence
    Thin, upturned eye-shape; dark purple sclera; pink iris and pupil. A teal-colored hexagon frames her pupil, distinguishing it from the homogenous color of the iris.
    White, reaching the middle of her back; the last few inches are, specifically, dyed black
    Skin Tone/Pigmentation
    6'0ft; 183cm
    Aligned Organization
    Ruled Locations

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