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The Heavenly Palace


The Heavenly Palace began when Velandra, Sovereign of the Heavens, rose up against the traditional powers that ruled Nerzin. Whether through direct ability or sheer influence, she became an existential threat to their status quo. In time her power grew, and they were too late when they realized the severity of the situation. When their armies surrounded her fortress-home, Velandra simply ripped the veltron up enmasse, taking it all into the sky.   Quite literally, she went out of their reach for the most part.   Those who had the means to attack still–flight capable mages and cultivators, harpies, wyverns, etc–weren't willing to take the risk. Faced against Velandra's literal home turf advantage and immense magical power, those who could invade still faced suicidal odds. So it is the Heavenly Palace took shape high in the skies over Veltrona, virtually impenetrable from thereon out.   That said, the palace itself wasn't completely isolated. Supplies remains its one glaring weakness, although the severity of that problem was addressed. Foods, raw materials, luxury goods, and the like were all needed to run an equitable living standard. As Velandra controls where the palace goes, though, she can choose where to bring it down, too. By descending in relatively safe areas, vital supplies could be acquired quickly. The palace would then ascend again before too much trouble arrived.   Overtime, as Velandra's reputation and political power escalated, those willing to actively threaten the palace stayed their blades. The palace was ever being worked on, improved, and fortified with newer defenses. After a certain point, it wasn't a matter of being 'impossible' to attack so much as too 'costly'. Whoever committed toward doing so would leave themselves vulnerable to their own enemies, and possibly be wiped out too. A stalemate that has only ever benefited Velandra, and something she has exploited fully every chance she can.   Moreso, the Heavenly Palace itself is closer to a fully functional micro-city. Schools, living quarters, entertainment venues, and more fill out its amenities. The prestige of such a location has drawn all sorts of talented people, from who Velandra carefully recruited staff from. Some of the brightest minds in Nerzin found tenure underneath her, a fact many noble families took note of. Those willing to get in her good graces worked hard on sending their own children on the prospect of such grand tutelage. Others, coming for seclusion and luxury, may also be permitted to visit.   It grew from her personal home into an incredible location, essentially a nation's capital in all but name. With the founding of the Xaishan Accord, it fully embraced that identity, becoming the Accord's vital headquarters.


Kept within the sky by Velandra's incredible magical power, the Heavenly palace is a sprawling micro-city atop a number of large, rocky 'islands'. Squeezed together through magic force, they were then sculpted into solid foundations upon which all things were built. Rather than a random collection of rocks and dirt, every inch of the Heavenly Palace's islands were made to both be stylistic and highly functional. For those on the ground, its appearance is deserving of a place actual divinity would inhabit.   Hand-crafted forests and gardens cover the breadth of it, punctuated by beautiful, eco-friendly architecture. Fueled by untold riches flowing into their hands, the craftswomen spared no expense nor ounce of skill in everything they made. Gardens, artificial lakes, soothing retreats with all natural aesthetics, and much more can be found everywhere. Living quarters and work areas alike blend together, fusing capable arrangements with intelligent logistical throughput. It came to be a literal dream project for many, whose unbound skills Velandra was more than willing to fund.   A special magical array covers the entirety of the Heavenly Palace. Aside from being the palace's primary defensive 'bubble', its main purpose is atmosphere control. Its invisible field maintains ground-like conditions for the Heavenly Palace, so high altitudes are no issue to its inhabitants. It can, to some extent, resist stormy weather, but things like winds and rains will still make it through. Compared to many other places, a stormy day in the palace is a blissfully demure affair.   Building-sized singularity spheres are embedded within the island of the palace itself. These massive singularities act as the magical hearts for the palace, providing the untold amounts of raw mana it consumes. Smaller spheres exist within the different workshop buildings, powering them. The tiniest of ones keep entire blocs of homes up and running. In many ways, Velandra's limitless mana is quite literally the center of the palace's ecosystem.  

Unique Features

The Compass

A large cartographical facility, designed to aid in navigating the palace across the Heavens. A glass, iron-reinforced floor sits above an enormous orb, ostensibly the planetary body Veltrona. The only part of it truly detailed is that of Nerzin, however. A series of orbiting, metalic rings can rotate around the entire 'room', acting as coordinating devices for star patterns.   The ceiling itself is a series of flippable panels, so it can be opened or closed during the day. Very large crysium panels operate on a second rail system, allowing many of their arcane and mathematically etched patterns to be seen with day or star light. Depending on the time of year, floral gardens, relics of varying philosophical purposes, and various religious icons may be present throughout the Compass.   Given the palace's unique position often being above the cloudlayer, astronomers and other Heavens studying persons became vastly interested in it. Velandra, needing a functional way of traveling at such heights, eventually picked out a few persons to head up the project. The results the Compass produced have redefined mapping Nerzin, and imparting highly coveted insights into the starry sea beyond Veltrona.   With such acclaim, numerous organizations have professed desires to use the Compass. Failing to earn Velandra's permission, disgruntled parties have revitalized their own astronomy investments. Still, while history may not find it particularly flashy, it has enabled all sorts of revolutionary breakthroughs.    

The Star Forge

The primary hotworks complex of the entire Heavenly Palace, the Star Forge sees hopes and dreams alike created within. Built atop a particularly large landmass bolted onto the palace's, it sits in safe isolation from its neighbors. As is the case, every so often, violent and catastrophic events unfold as the smiths of the Star Forge work. While it doesn't actually explode as much as Velandra claims, it has more than once burned to the ground.   Its namesake was originally a way of its smiths showing they themselves could create works worthy of the Heavens. However, when Velandra recovered the large, ever-burning body of a meteorite, it became much more literal. Being a divine relic of a sort, the meteorite's endless flames offered the smiths incredible opportunities to forge newer, even better works. However, as the flame itself is temperamental, it'll only accept working on projects it likes.   Since the Heavenly Palace's visit to Lophern, where the palace's staff saw the works of Khaaestra zahd Machkin, the Grand Architect, the Star Forge underwent dramatic changes. Traditional Nerzin architecture collided with Khaaestra's industrial efficiency, and the palace's architects worked hard on innovating. The general result has been a more unique, but highly capable setup allowing for some one-of-a-kind innovations.   It may not pound-for-pound beat the oldest and most decorated of smithies, but the Star Forge commands its own respect. The moving Heavenly Palace also means its wares can proliferate across Nerzin with frightening ease. While most of the quality materials are kept wrapped up for the Xaishan Accord, quite a lot is put on the open markets as well.   It has, without much embellishment, put the fear of losing business in a lot of Veltrona-bound smithies. Whether from the quality of the wares or the new innovations of its smiths, the Star Forge casts an imposing shadow. Thanks in part to that, many of Khaaestra's innovative ideas are spreading across Nerzin faster than anyone could've imagined.
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