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Sa-kemet's enormous sister, Temu's mountains are often the reason so much of Sa-kemet is an arid, dry desert. With a comfortably safe inland sea with Mother's Shield, frequent freshwater rainfall, and plentiful greenery, it is an ideal place for life to flourish. As such, a number of civilizations have risen up quickly, staking out their claims, and flexing arrogantly to expand their might. Giving little regard to the neighboring desert, they instead focus on Akpahm and Immensio, but the denizens of these lands have ever resisted their expansion fiercely.


Temu is rather diverse, and so one be must mindful of which area they are dealing with. The 'mainland' part of Temu that is connected to Sa-kemet has an enormous mountain range on its western front. As it catches most of the eastern incoming weather, a great deal of rainfall drops alongside it. Further to the east of this stretch, however, is the winding paths of Mother's Shield and the various 'islands' that are considered apart of Temu itself. There have been arguments to separate them into their own lands, but the natives of Temu all consider themselves part of the same cohesive group.   These islands often sport enormous forests and a wet climate around them, sometimes verging on the likes of becoming swamps. Lacking any notable hills or mountainous areas, their mining opportunities are a bit more questionable. Nonetheless, most who dwell in Temu cross Mother's Shield to each either side, and some nations have borders stretching across the sea.

Fauna & Flora

Rich greenery, abundant wildlife, and plentiful waters (both fresh and not) have led to an intensely concentrated degree of biodiversity. While not quite tropical or jungle-like, compared to all its surrounding neighbors, many foreigners can be surprised by how much life there is.

Natural Resources

With no safe or equitable sea-trade routes, Temu tends to be inwardly focused. Braver souls travel overland to Sa-kemet and Akpahm, and ever so rarely Immensio. A rather difficult feat sometimes, as a few forests along Temu's tighter overland passes are supremely dense. In the same vein, however, they offer great wood, game hunting, and other features. And, while some exploit the western mountains, a whole host of denizens (both animals and people) tend to defend the expanse with utmost aggression. Were it not for that, an immense amount of mineral wealth would otherwise enrichen Temu's nations.
Included Organizations
Inhabiting Species


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