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Suhla Black-Rope (Suu-hLa)


Born to the Rotalhm Great House of Adhmad-Kar, of Clan Hardwood, of family Black-Rope, Suhla had a cushy life as a future carpenter and weaver. Her family's legacy has ever been practical and reliable silk crafts, especially those usable in construction. Suhla, however, felt drawn to a different calling, one that would take her into dark forests and dangerous encounters. She desired to be a huntress, something all sorts of talltales and fantasies of greatness fed into. Although her family wasn't encouraging, they nonetheless supported her endeavors so she'd have an honest chance.   Sadly, for as capable as she became, Suhla ever failed to match the insane abilities of Evaryn Crimson-Silk, her would-be rival. Although initially Evaryn's senior, the other rachtoh's innovations and boundless ferocity completely supplanted her. It fostered a deep and ever lasting resentment, one that made Suhla reject Evaryn's 'mana training' techniques that swept Rotalhm by storm.   Finding herself amongst strangers and unreasonable circumstances, Suhla elected to leave Rotalhm on a journey of her own. A way to find something comparable or competitive to Evaryn's methods, one she'd achieve with her own four hands. Electing to head southward, she ventured beyond Rotalhm's forests and into the domains of others. A rachtoh mercenary of any kind would draw attention, and she never wanted for work opportunities. One such contract is how she crossed paths with Zai, a wandering scholar from Aochen.   The two got on well, and Zai paid Suhla her fair share as a body guard and escort. For Suhla, Zai's wandering interests meant going to strange and bizarre places, which might contain opportunities she could use. It would be on one of these excurisons they ran across a particularly strange matter concerning a baarham Dominion-era artifact. They soon ran into the adventurer group, Fearless Ananpae, led by Alexandre.   Pulled in by Zai, the two of them joined to help Alexandre hunt down the baarham chasing the artifact. That wild excursion, myriad adventures, and even the Traitors' War she landed into, showed Suhla more of the world (or at least, Aerthen) than she'd ever imagined. Still nowhere closer to finding something to usurp Evaryn, she keeps pace with Zai and the others, always on the hunt for what could be her big breakthrough.   Although, what she'd have to do once she 'got it', Suhla wasn't sure still.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

By rachtoh standards Suhla is quite fit, athletic, and in prime shape. Although her musculature isn't impressive when compared to a human, no one can doubt her physical performance. Odd, minute scars dot her skin, having gored down to the exoskeleton layer and left jagged marks behind. She has a flower petal's outline painted on both sides of her lower jaw, a showing of beauty she likes to keep.

Apparel & Accessories

A dark brown silk-under shirt and pants covers her body, upon which a layer padded silk armor bulks her out. The padded silk is protected by an outershell of brown-black leather, and the two nominally form her torso, upper shoulder, and leg armor. Her boots emphasize rachtoh footstyles, letting her toes manipulate individually so she can climb and cling with ease. Lightweight gray iron vambraces protect her forearms, and each is designed with different bracket mounts fixed to it. These mounts are where she puts her two miniature crossbows, any shields, or other devices she needs during her hunt.   Her attire as a whole is usually covered in a thin layer of camoflauge, in the form of actual wood bark, plant leaves, and other local detris. The arrangement is purely random but always functional, and can vary depending on what local environment she's actually in. A half-cape around her shoulders and its concealing hood help to solidify her disguise, though she leaves the hood down in pleasant company.

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity



Current Location
Year of Birth
2398 TD 37 Years old
Slightly wider, expressive eyes. Blue infused amber irises; black sclera
Black, wild flowing; tied back, bright red tips.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Obsidian with a red sheen and tint.
5'0"ft; 152cm
Other Affiliations


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