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Nerzin is, by many regards, an idyllic land for habitation. Sitting in the sweet spot between tropical and temperate, only the extreme northern end of the continent faces snowfall outside of the occasional mountains. The verdant vibrancy of life is such that mana flows even easier here than many other lands, enrichening all. It can be of no surprise, then, the different development paths taken by the peoples living within.   Having much easier access to mana, and thus magic, has encouraged Nerzin down a different developmental path. The strive for inner cultivation of one's potential has formed the ideological basis of its civilizations, shaping everything from farming to queenly power. Nearly all of their philosophies have shaped in regard to this, regarding pursuit of one's potential as paramount to livelihood. In turn, many different monasteries, schools, military academies, and so forth, have arisen, each based on a certain sect of teachings.   Nonetheless, Nerzin is not a wholly unified land. Although open warfare is rare, the ideological friction between these different groups prevents total cohesion. There is also something of a cultural concern regarding foreigners, as Nerzin suffered terribly under the Imperium millennia ago. In fact, the very name itself is a holdover–'Nerzin' is a draconic mispronunciation from when it was an imperial territory. The many different native groups regard their lands under different names, but Nerzin remains the name of choice for foreigners.   In the ensuing rebellion, magical warfare featured prominently across Nerzin. The explosion of the the World Gate on its side, although far less serious comparatively, left its own scar in the generations around it. Great conventions and agreements toward restraint became emphasized, and a culture of careful deliberation took root and has remained since. Over time, the fears faded away, becoming a rigid norm that has instilled a sense of orderliness. Nonetheless, this comfortable blanket has begun to choke many in the last few centuries, and tradition is not so easily accepted by some.


With plentiful natural food, clean drinking water, and relatively peaceful wildlife, Nerzin is ideal for virtually every species to inhabit. The proliferation of verdant life has especially encouraged mana, which in turn nurtures the vast amount of monster species dwelling in the lands. A great deal of plants are so saturated with mana it becomes notable finding ones who aren't influenced by it, rather than is.   Overall humid, it varies between tropical, sub-tropical, temperate, and swamp. A series of sharp, jagged mountain ranges cut across the lands, offering reclusive locations for colder climate dwelling species. Access to warm water oceans to the south, and the colder oceans to the north, offer a variety of sea-based opportunities. Shermadi especially love occupying these areas, as it means trade with Nerzin's populace, and access to regular mana-rich, exotic foodstuffs.   To the far eastern end of Nerzin lays the hotter, dry climates of an arid would-be desert. Few willfully dwell here, save the desert monsters, and is widely regarded as a wild and untamed land. Most notably, Atenkhet's trading companies have (in the last few centuries) setup shop there, using their small pyramid-city as an outpost for further expeditions inland and across the sea.

Natural Resources

Plentiful food-types, decent surface-access mineral veins/seams, and the abundance of mana leave Nerzin poised for rich development in the future. Many of its growing nations already exhibit opulence and wealth beyond that of some others, but their ideological inclinations leave them technologically slow. Coupled with a desire to respect their natural environment, this has left Nerzin less industrially developed than say, its nearest neighbor of Aerthen.   However, on the other side, Nerzin's magi-tech is a distinct beast all of its own. Lacking any standardization, and each village/school/etc prizing their own innovations, has resulted in a very dynamic field of differing designs. One nation famously has magi-tech operated pumps, allowing it to move vast quantities of water around easier than its neighbors. Another boasts a secretive and reliable way of creating mana-steel, giving their armed forces and civil constructions a distinct advantage. Despite Nerzin's plentiful mana, however, magi-tech remains expensive, which complicates further developments in the field.

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