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Favré Ferborne (Fav-rey Fer-born)


Orphaned from a young age, Favré would be adopted by a Volapaws order in southeastern Aerthen, at the city of Nudael. Traumatized by the loss of his parents, he became a solemn, insular child and busied himself with doctrine and menial labor in his temple. Growing to a formidable size relative to his age, the priestesses moved him into martial training. There he learned the arms and magics of a battlefield combatant, though lacking the actual experience.   To broaden both his horizons and capabilities, Favré would enlist as a mercenary for adventurer groups. Between his combat prowess and flame-based magic, he earned a reputation as a solid keystone for parties to build around. It would be his renown that drew the attention of Alexandre, then a well-known adventurer with a growing reputation. In need of a solid bulwark to compliment his aggressive swordsmanship, Alexandre convinced Favré on joining the Fearless Ananpae.   Although the quietest of the five in the group, Favré's unflinching moral character and sound, pragmatic thinking has ever been their bedrock. It at times compliments and collides with Zai's own tendencies, pitting confident 'youngster' against a wisened and timeless scholar. Kosark has endlessly dragged Favré into all sorts of shenanigans, something enabled by Suhla again and again. Those two playful souls have undoubtedly shortened his life time by years, at least.   When he isn't called to work for the Fearless Ananpae, Favré focuses on traveling across Aerthen. Whether spreading the teachings of Volapaws or sharing his pragmatic knowledge, his expertise is highly desired by the less fortunate communities.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

A solidly built human, Favré has a sculpted, labor-forged physique that compliments his natural size. With wide set shoulders, a solid trunk, and firm legs, he's something a lot of people think of when the word 'giant' is thrown around sometimes. Although deeply tanned from work in the sun, his hands and forearms in particular have blackish stains upon them. The result of long work in the likes of coal fuel, raw iron smelting, and similar metallurgy that is common in Volapaws. Most of his bodily hair has been singed off more than once, so little of it tends to grow anymore.

Apparel & Accessories

Favré's traditional attire is a hallmark of Volapaws, being a repurposed forge smith's attire. Heavy, insulating and padded brown cloth armor wraps his frame, and iron plates are bolted on top. They cover the broad, inflexible parts of his body, while the joints are protected in light chainmail. A knee-reaching overcoat sits on top layer, carrying pouches, pockets, and points of holster for all his tools and items. Solid metal-reinforced leather boots and vambraces protect his limbs. Blocky, hand-protecting gloves double as reinforced melee weapons, if needed.   His primary weapons are nominally a five-bladed steel mace and square shield, accompanied by a short sword and dagger upon his hips. They're built for practicality and meant to be easily repaired or replaced, so do not have much in the way of decoration. The shield, at least, carries the anvil and hammer as is typical of Volapaws.
Current Location
Year of Birth
2390 TD 45 Years old
Rectangular, narrow; green irises, white sclera
Chin-length, black, spiky/messy
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations


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