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Elemental: Wind


One of the classical elements, wind embodies motion. Constantly seeking to move freely, where wind mana goes doesn't matter so long as it goes somewhere. When enough together moves, winds blow, and the atmosphere follows. To become the wind is to be in motion, but without knowing where one goes can lead them to circular, perpetual traps.   Wind mana is tireless in its abundant energy, for if it had none it would not be wind at all. It erodes mountains and sculpts the veltron, no matter how long it takes to do so. It steals droplets of water, carrying them into the air and then throwing them everywhere. Fire lusts over it, dancing along with energetic winds to create firestorms. Of them all it is arguably the liveliest, for better or worse.   Believed to be the most abundant mana after veltron, wind is capricious in mannerism. Easily taken with fancy, it requires strong will to guide it along productive pathways. Once it has a way to go, it'll fly without a concern, bringing more and more of itself along. The ever-shifting air currents across Veltrona represent this whimsical nature the best. Although seasonal winds are 'regular and reliable', sometimes truly unpredictable currents will arise. Chaos is often attributed to it, but that wouldn't be strictly proper.   Wind goes where it wants, and so wind follows itself as it wants, too.   The different intensities by which it lives by show its mannerisms the best. Gentle breezes sweep along the veltron, picking up errant things and stuffs to whisk away. Countless tiny streams come together, coiling into fast moving tides, and then so follow storms with their mighty tempests. Not all winds agree with each other, and so the different currents ever feud and fight over what to do. Temperamental behavior is not an uncommon way to regard the wind.    

Magical Arts

Wind mages, cultivators, and more all must handle the ever-moving and wild nature of wind mana. Similar to water, there is a constant upkeep and pressure toward handling wind magic. It can be subverted somewhat by creating magic that 'takes an existing force and runs with it'. For example, a wind blast will continue on before dissipating, where as water immediately falls apart without power behind it.   Wind magic is usually dreamed of greatly but rarely realized. There are few practical applications for it outside of war spells. Where as water is needed for life, veltron for home, and fire for warmth or food, wind provides only air. It is less romantic being someone who dries wet clothes or collects dust to throw out. These services are nonetheless vital (or at least, very useful) in the luxury they provide.   One of the best practices for wind magic is usually for enclosed spaces, such as mines or forges. Being able to move filthy air, or create purer, breathable air, is imminently useful to the livelihoods of people. Another one would be those doing courier, transportation, or other 'from one location to another' jobs. While only accomplished wind users can lift a lot of weight, being speedy has its own value. Some even use their talents on farms, cleaning off pests from plants with careful gusts.   So while it is not impossible for domestic application, it is usually a bottom-of-the-barrel perception. Couriers are a notable exception as the speedy delivery of information is almost priceless. In such a profession it isn't uncommon to find a wind-based dominance. The real draw that captures them, however, is in war. Wind magic is difficult to perceive and hard to utilize, but killing power is uniquely dangerous.   Due to its near invisible nature, wind attacks are hard to anticipate or defend against. A whistling gust can be sharper than a sword, dismembering a target before they even realize it. A sudden thunderous blast may rip through a person without warning or time to deflect it. Similarly, barriers or deflective motions can stop a lot of magical attacks from being effective. Only people with extreme mana sensitivity and a talent at detecting its movement can precisely locate where such magics are used.   As a healing art its uses also are somewhat limited, but vitally important. Air can be forced down into the lungs and circulated, keeping a patient alive who may otherwise struggle. Its persistent, constantly moving energy can invigorate the heart, keeping it beating and blood circulating. Vitalizing the body is dangerous, as the surging power of wind can disguise otherwise dangerous symptoms. Such uses show up when people need to push themselves, but the backlash can be terrible.    


Wind mana is largely invisible to the naked eye. Only in its most intense concentrations do tendrils of blue, gold, and green appear, swaying in and out of existence. Its constantly swirling, churning nature becomes eminently clear to those with special mana-sensing abilities.   Divine winds are defined more by the feelings that affect a person than its looks. They carry sensations of warmth, home, and comfort in a way that truly eases the soul. For those that are to be punished, they're harshly freezing, cutting, and terribly strong in pressure.


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