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A land intrinsically tied with humanity, much of Aerthen is dominated by human nations, and a few notable monster ones as well. The battleground for conflict over many centuries, Aerthen's history is one of war and strife, be it amongst themselves, against the Forsaken, or the Relentless. Nonetheless, Aerthen's people march into the future with their heads held high.   Host to numerous innovations, the many nations in Aerthen are ever driven to compete and assure their dominance. In recent centuries, a unification effort resulted in the creation of the Aerthen Imperial Federation, a multinational coalition that seeks to dominate all of Aerthen. This formed an existential threat to the other independent nations, especially as the Federation's expansionism continues with little to stop it. A number of counter coalitions has formed around it, creating a veritable wall that has left Aerthen in a tense political stalemate.


A warm, temperate climate with snow-filled winters, Aerthen is an easily habitable land for many species. With much of its natural predators pushed out of the way of civilization, the largest animal threats come in the form of the Relentless. The long history of war on the continent has also engendered the undead especially, and many religious organizations spend much of their time suppressing them. In part to its multiculturalism (willing or not), Aerthen is host to a wide variety of foodstuffs, and adequately capable of supporting nearly every monster species. Clean water has become a bit of an issue, as exploding population sizes are outstripping natural means of acquiring it.

Natural Resources

Plentiful woodlands, a variety of natural rivers, marsh and swamps within the heart of the continent, accompanied by short but expansive mountains. Aerthen is a cradle of productivity in the making, although much of its mineral wealth is deeper within the ground. The nations on the borders of the continent trend toward importing raw materials, or semi-processed ones, to make up for this, and sea trade has formed a vital core to their economies.


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