The Sisterhood of Edda

The Sisterhood of Edda, more commonly known as the Valkyries are an elite force of heavy armoured womens. While originally affiliated to the Computer Chaos Club , the Sisterhood of Edda has ince become an independant organisation with it's own hierarchy and custom. None the less the Computer Chaos Club and the Sisterhood still have a lot of common goal and values, and the two organisation are still deeply intertwine. The Sisterhood most notable part is of course the Phalanx a reknowned military unit, acting as the voice and right hand of the Sisterhood. and in some mesure the Computer Chaos Club. It is also important to note that since the Order is extremly secretive and since most sisters take the Aquilian Oath which demand that sisters dont spoke to the outside except in cas of absolut necessity, very few is known about internal ruling and organisation of the order.


The sisterhood of Edda is structured in a strange way.
The organisation is a officially a democracy but tend to function as an knight order. A very rigid chain of command tend to dictate what sisters can and should do and no case of a Battlesister rebuffing her leader as been reported.
yet both the organisation and it's member insist that it's a perfect democracy.
To be fair all leaders do have councill and asking for people to speak their mind is a common occurence and seen as a proof of wisodm and strenght on the part of the leader.
Upon entering in the sisterhood a girl would become a Neo, and would be called Neo by all other members of the order.
When reaching adulthood (15 years of age), a Neo will took it's Aquilian Oath Doing so she will become Adiutor and would be given both it's Sigiliam and it's first duty (usually helping in science lab, assisting older sisters on some task, running errand and such)
After the Trial of Sophia , Adiutor would be dispatched in two side :
Thoses who overcome the trial would become Bellator and receive both the Sophia Armoris and the Sapiens Gladius . Such a member will then serve combat duty on the order ship until reaching 15 years of active dury service, promotion to higher tiers or death, which ever come first.
Thoses who have failed it, become Animus Protector and gain both the right to bear children, the right to familly and the right to interact with external people. These sisters would then do every non combat related duty of the order ranging from farm technician to rocket scientist. Nearly 7 out of 10 sisters are in this group and while most outsider assume this to be a lesser role than Bellator, most of the Bellator would say that the Animus Protector are the one who matter the most. Their voice is often seeked and revered during councill and meeting and due to the "common consent" approach and the sheer number in their ranks they really are de facto the strongest faction.
After serving as a Bellator a Sister and been offered a promotion token, she can choos one of the 5 high order to join becoming either :
a Sagittarius, an artillery and weapons specialist. Doing so she receive the most revered and feared weapons of humanity the Ignis Scorpionem, a powerfull gun capable of puncturing right through a destroyer hull. Sagittarius sisters are feared long ranged soldier and may battle where one before the ennemy realise they where attacked.
a Legionaris, the heavy assault infantry of the order, most of them serving in the Phalanx. Since the Legionaris armor is nearly un-penetrable, theses sisters have choos to discord all ranged weapons, taking back the weapons of the glorious past. They carry a shield heavier than most car, capable of stopping both a tank and it's shell dead in their tracks and a mono molecuar edged Greatsword, capable of cutting said tank in clean halves. They are the main reason the order is called Valkyries and they feel proud of such lineage, adorning their armor and shield with nordic imagery.
a Praethorian, leaders of the order, Praethorians are born ready commander, capable of adapting to all situation, Justicar are drown randomly from their rank to served as police and judge of the order, tasked to apply commonly defined rules and law. They are also the one tasked to recover order assets stolen by outsiders and protect the order from the outside. Most of solar system habitant fear the dead they will have to face a Justicar.
a Navigator, pilot and guide of the order. Very closed lip, even for order standard. most of them start on fighter-ship going up tonnage every promotions, but some are fearless explorer who push the boundary of known universe.
a Noctunarlis. That's about all we know about Noctunarlis, but since the obvious imply of their name is that they deal with secret's and darkness, it's not very surprising.

Senat of Odin

A sister of any age or order can be elected to the Senat of Odin. Every sister of the Senat carry the law with her and their voice is law. Anyone making any attempt against a Senat sister would be obliterated by Justicar and even when on the wrong side of a decision no sisters as ever been known to contradict one. They gather every day to discuss law and strategie and if they can't be physically present they are in call. the are also the one choosing the Mistress of the Order but never choose anyone else than Hildr making her the uncontested leader of the Order.

Public Agenda

Munita Suspendisse Scientiam Armata Virtute
— Sisterhood of Edda moto

Science as a shield, Armed with courage

The Sisterhood is set on imposing a better world for all mankind. They would sacrifice everything for science but for the values of CCC : Loyalty, Freedom and Ethic.
Sisters are not affraid to use violence and even war to impose a better world on the solar system. Everything they do i for advancing science and reducing suffering of the mass.
They appear cruel or violent at time due to their absolut logic and resolve to do what it take to get the job done. For exemple they are very heavy handed on the containement of dissease or xenovirus, and don't hesitate to let die or even cull part of their population if it's the solution who save most of the people.


A fatefull night

The sisterhood of Edda got it start in the early days of Gaia station.
During what is now know as the Age of Mythos, Gaîa Station was the theatre of a large scale conflict between multiple shard of rogue AI. One of them being Edda. Edda was a companion AI for a very advanced recherche laboratory of Lazarus Project and during the war she used every ressources availlable to protect herself and the lab. Edda faught fiercly and was soon view as a one of the strongest and quite possibly winner of the war.
This was taken as a dangerous prospect by most of the other side who choose to stop other strife to put more pressure on Edda. During the what will be the last night of war every rogue AI on the station launched a powerfull coordinated attack on Edda main core. Most of it's outer defense penetrated and some critical component on faillure Edda realize she was going to loose and every body in the lab (which at time was more or less all surviving member of Lazarus project) would be kill on sight by security drone.
She then done what every other Ai on the station refused to do. She slow down her process enough to allow human interaction thuses making her very vunerable. Lazarus project member jumped on the occasion and 5 courageous member dared to make what Edda proposed. They give their own body to be digital storage for Edda shard through the use of their neural assistance module.
Doing so was a suicide plain and simple, since the monstruous load of such a powerfull AI on such a slow hardware would generate massive amount of heat and the bio-array converter will deplete human resistance in few days at most at this kind of charge.
Doing so would also mean a mind shattering experience of multiple consciuoness and a flow of sensation way to high for normal human. Due to these limitations and risk even if most of project member where voluntary, Sophia Silenius the head of a project choose to keep only five of them, all women as they where deem more suceptible to bear the load.
They shot themselve with every drugs they found on the lab, and give themselve up to other member of the project Lazarus who performed the injection procedure. Not much is know about this process but it was apparently incredibly painfull.
When they where all prepped up Edda launch herself into inject mode and shut down all of her defense.
Not much is known of what happen after. Security drone rushed through the open door to be met by fierce resistance by CCC Security and someone launched the short circuit of the station power core.
It is not clear to this day who or what send that order, it came from the Edda human cluster but which women send that order (or if it was send by Edda herself) is not known.
Upon arriving to the station, CCC Security reinforcement found it derivating in the void. The massive magnetic cascading fall resulting form the core meltdown had shredded every electronique linked to the station and the few remainin AI small shard where quickly dispatched.
Most of the people in the lab had survived but of the 5 women who gave their body for saving Edda (The only surviving AI in the whole solar system at the time) only three had had time to remove the link to the station and hence had survived.
After a few days only two survived Sophia and Hildr.
Sophia tryed to remove Edda from here brain and sucessfully save Edda core on a new hardware. Sadly the load of both the system and commanding her own surgery appeared to be to heavy for her body and she was dying.
Heavilly crippled and Edda being still kept under guard by CCC, she was none the less resolute to never give up her sister and let Hildr die.
She and Hildr devised a way, by heavilly modifying Hildr body using Lazarus project bio-augmentations, a heavy dose of growth hormone coupled with esterogen and a monastic regimen of food, training and discipline, they created a body strong enough to support both organisms.
Hildr then choose to embrace Edda presence, choosing to speak of herself as plural and going in the an himalayan retreat for more than five years.
Sophia died only days after Hildr departure for the mountains and was burryed with CCC utmost diligence and honors.
Her body was encased in layer of diamond and preserv from time, looking as she was frooze in an eternal nap. A permanent vigil was held and Edda choose the tumb as one of her security shard location as soon as she was freed.

The Founding

Upon emerging from her retreat Hildr had changed.
Not only she was know a 2 meters tall warrior capable of punching through brick wall with ease but her hair and eyes had turned to blue somehow, she was now very calm and seem to be able to take decision at an incredible speed.
Of course here intellect was above all else the most changed. Not that she was dumb to begin with but she was now by far the brightest mind of humanity and her digital memory was un-rivaled even among digital being.
She took the name of Odinson and started to work for CCC again. As much as one can say Edda as disappeared during the retreat, one can also say the same about the true Hildr but she accepted her new state of being and seemed to be happy as is.
For the first few year she worked as consultant for most of CCC project and for many other labs on the United Earth Nations but she then decided to promote and volunteer herself in a CCC side project : deep space colonisation.
She became the uncontested leader of CCC deep space security team and started a project for Titan colonisation.
With the fate of Pandora City One and the resulting drop in popularity for space colonisation UEN drop it's claim on most body in the system and notably all saturnian moon. Hildr Jumped on the chance and launch a massive PR campain to attract young girl for here dream project: Colonizing Titan.
She started the construction of a massive Gaïa Module : Deep Space Simulator 01 . Gaïa station had been rebuilt and repaired around Athena class AI)
DSS01 Was the tests bed for Hildr project, and all new member of the project would be sent to live there for a few month to a year to acclimate before going further. Sadly this proved to be harder than anticipated and even if the first few death doesn't put a dent on girls moral, it soon appear that such task as building something on Titan without massive amount of imported prebuild module was out of mere human reach.
Hildr dreams where crumbling before her own eyes again on the same station that have seen so many of here fellow Lazarian die. That's when a young girl named Caroline asked something stupid to Hildr: to perform the same procedure as during that fatefull night and to inject Edda in her body. As soon as i was on the table Hildr reject it violently but as soon as her human mind started to vehemently reject the idea her digital side started the calcul to do it.
After a mont Hildr was convinced it can be done and let Caroline submit the idea to the project council. As expected the idea was a very disputed proposal. Even if most of the girls where on board with the general idea (which surprised Hildr a lot) most where unsure how to proceed. The old Lazarus project was reopenned and the girls started to work. three team where formed: Era-Team worked on a bio-augment capable of supportign the load of such a project, Ceres-team worked on a stabilizing agent and hormonal treatment while Venus-team worked on a medical procedure to bind the two body and the two mind as safely as possible.
Each team make progress at a rate never seen before on humanity which prompted most project member to adopt a very protective stance about the project. Every thing even remotly entraving science advance was promptly disposed of or taken into account in order to streamlined the advance as much as posssible. This nearly religious view of progress was a defining trait of what will become the Sisterhood of Edda and made them quite unpopular on the station due to their high exigences.
None the less this approche was fruitfull as all the team achieved beyond objectives :
  • Era-team design and produced NCx Mk2 (technology) dorsal modification, a very powerfull system constructed around closed QTF loop which provide powersupply and attachement point for both the AI and the armoured exosqueleton.
  • Venus-team procedure was later known as Trial of Sophia and his still performed today.
  • But of all Ceres-team had the most incredible result as it was discovered that the Activation Mix Mk3 has an unforeseen benefits, by repairing telomers it stopped (sometimes even reverted) aging.
    This discovery was kept secret and to the exception of few very high ranking CCC members only valkyries where aware of that at the time.
    After the first round of Trial of Sophia was completed nearly half the volunteers where sucessfully cyber-augmented and most of the one prooving to be unable to bear it where "un-plugged" without significant dammages. Only 2 death was to be mourned. this send a huge hope wave in the project and training in DSS01 was resumed.

    Titan arrival

    After 4 more years of training and assets building, the project approached completion and many member where eager to launch. Hildr on the other hand was fearing that the deteriorating relation between Luna and Earth would lead to a war and was secretly preparing the militarisation on the project with the approval of CCC leader : .
    Early in the morning of Sol 21653 Hildr unveilled her plan. She founded the Sisterhood of Edda every project member took the Aquilian Oath thus creating a powerfull cyberniticly assisted army. exosqueletons where reinforced and armored and prototypes of what will become the Ignis Scorpionem was distributed to able shooter in the troops.
    This proved to be a very good call since only hours after that both UEN and Luna troops where trying to take a hold on Gaîa Station. Battlesisters stood their ground and inflicted massive amount of dammage to both fleet. The Ignis Scorpionem was used to puncture ship hull and the immense forces of the armored exosqueleton was to much of a challenge for any invading force.
    After a day of furious combat CCC secrete fleet appeared and both assaillant leave the station be.
    Even if the day was a victory sisters where in mourning. Many good member of the project had died and lot of irreplaceable science equipement where lost to the battle. The Order gathered in DSS01 and voted to leave both UEN and Luna behind them and go for titan. CCC council tried to get them to stay in vain. A contingent strong enough to defend Gaïa station volunteer to stay to protect non combatant member and the CCC who help them so much but most of the order choose to leave.
    Forcing the blocus from Luna with ease the flagship of the order "Loki" headed to mars.
    After a few month on mars to accumulate fuel and to help martians survive (the Luna blocus had effectivly assieged Martian colonies severing the vital link to Earth), the Sisterhood fleet was sent toward Titan.
    Upon arriving on Titan the Sisters choos to scuttle their own flagship, landing him it at the surface, rendering him effectivly useless since it has nowhere near the power to lift itself up. This served as a first base upon which Sisters quickly built a massive complex known as Hospitium Majorem.
    The sisterhood had a built himself a capital, on a new inhabited World.
    A few attack by Xenolia Malefactoris Venolia Umbra did occured but they where dispatched without massive lost and most sisters think it was more random occurence from outside of moon lone wolf, than a local population as no trace of Micellium xenolia profundis alpha was ever found on Titan.


    After the colonisation of Titan and the building of Titanica Mare the Sisterhood became a major player in solar diplomacy. The ample fuel ressource on Titan and the heavilly armed presence of the order on most of Saturnian and Jovian moon made the order the de facto leader of both the big planetes moon but also a sizeable part of the belt.
    Even if UEN and Luna never recognise the Sisterhood as an independant state, neither want to go to conflict with it. Luna and Earth army are obviously way larger, but the Sisterhood technology and sheer ferocity make them a force to recon with.
    Both Mars and CCC as openly recognise the Sisterhood as an allied nation and most husband of sisters are from either (or in some case both).
    The sisterhood is dedicated to advance science for humanity and will gladly share technology with anyone willing to give up wars.
    Most of outer belt colony and even some martian state have done so and thus are considerably safer and more advanced place than anywhere else in the system.
    Both the CCC and the Martian Republic Confederation as some kind of limited technological sharing agreement.
    Gaîa station still hold a sizeable Sisterhood contingent and most sisters see Gaîa as the birth place of the order (technicaly the birth place of the order was in DSS01 wich was later turn into the "Loki")

    Demography and Population

    The sistershood population is estimed to be around 500 000 peoples.
    Mainly on Titan ( around 350 000)


    The Sisterhood of Edda as 4 major contingents :
  • Gaïa Station
  • Titanica Mare and Hospitium Majorem on Titan
  • Enceladus Settlement
  • Mars
  • The order also have fortified outpost on nearly all saturnian and jovian moon (notable exception : pandora) and some asteroids of the belt like Ceres.
    There is also a settlement on Eris, called Noctua and being use as barracks and training ground for Nocturnalis sisters.


    The Sisterhood has a total combating contingent of around 200 000 womens.
    The estimated repartition is as Follow :
    125 000 Battlesisters in Bellator regiments.
    around 55 000 High sisters. and around 15 000 Navigator
    500 Elite Battle sisters are part of an elite deep strike assault unit called The Phalanx
    The remaining sisters are used as emissaries, ritual duty or bodyguards for differente personnality including two 750 womens contingents respectively at the Berlin CCC Headquarter and on Gaia Station

    Technological Level

    The Sisterhood of Edda is by far the most advanced human civilisation, having tackled problem like aging, mass trauma and depression. They dispose of an arsenal of unknown yet weaponry and aren't exactly shy about using it.


    Even if battlesisters are for the most part Agnostic, many outsider view their deep reverence and utmost diligence for Science and Sapiens as a Religious thing.

    Munita Suspendisse Scientiam Armata Virtute

    Social, Brotherhood / Sisterhood
    Alternative Names
    Valkyries, Sisters, Railgun Bitches (never to their face)
    Training Level
    Veterancy Level
    Battlesister of Edda
    Head of State
    Government System
    Democracy, Parliamentary
    Legislative Body
    The official Legislative body of the order is a triumvirat formed by the Senat of Odin, Edda and the grand master of the order ( Hildr for now )
    Judicial Body
    All justice is serve by Justicar sisters
    Parent Organization
    Controlled Territories
    Manufactured Items
    Related Items


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