I Kalonice Massela proclaim that I am ready to withstand the trial.
I proclaim that I will bear the load of sisterhood with pleasure.
I proclaim that I will forego all of my past to embrace the creed of the sisterhood.
I proclaim that I will drink the chalice of knowledge to the dregs,
And doing so will die and rise again as one of your sisters.

Sofiakrasi is produced only by the sisterhood of Edda and the exact recipe is unknown
It is believed it's created by adding an unknown spices mix to a solvent (usually pure ethanol).
Many think that Micellium xenolia profundis alpha is used at some point in the process, but no one really know.

The Sofiakrasi is an integral part of the Trial of Sofia and was originally designed as a medicine to help the rest of the ritual go smoothly.
Upon realizing the effect of the substance it's use was widened and it's now served in other circumstances.

Sofiakrasi is way to dangerous and rare to drink pure and is usually mixed with red wine.

Uses in the Sisterhood of Edda

The Sisterhood use Sofiakrasi in some of its rituals and procedure but most sisters are very wary of its side-effects thus tending to refrain for drinking it needlessly.
Two main usages are documented but many believe there is more

Use in the Trial of Sofia

for more info see Trial of Sofia
During the first phase of the Trial, the applicant mixes herself the Sofiakrasi and the wine in the Chalice of Knowledge and drink it after proclaiming her vows.
The effect is particularly impressive and she falls in a deep coma in a matter of minutes, after what the rest of the procedure goes on.
The purity of Sofiakrasi in the mix is often seen as a symbol of Courage. Putting more Sofiakrasi mean that the procedure will go deeper and will be much more painful.
However, putting not enough Sofiakrasi is taking the risk that the procedure and thus the Trial as a whole would fail.
To this day only one sister ever choose to drink Sofiakrasi in its pure form: Oydis Robertson.

Use in the Odin Feast

for more info see Odin Feast
On the eve of large or critical battle, Battlesisters make a feast in honor of the Battlesisters lost in battle before.
These feasts are composed of a large amount of food, roasted meat (a rare occurrence in a sister life) and an ample supply of beer.
The last toast is then made with Sofiakrasi infused hydromel, the ensuing sleepiness (or even light coma) is seen as a good way to rest before the battle and the Sofiakrasi intake gives an extreme focus and mental fortitude boost to the Battlesisters.

Uses outside the Sisterhood of Edda

Very few people have ever been given the possibility to drink Sofiakrasi outside of the Sisterhood, however, a small council of the Computer Chaos Club, known as the Turing council, is rumored to do so in virtue of an old pact with the Sisterhood.
Considering most of the Turing Council members display the kind of behaviors associated with Sofiakrasi side effects, it is likely o be true.


Sofiakrasi is a very powerful neuronal reconfigurator.
Upon first or overdosed intake, the subject fall in a deep coma, a state Sisters refer to as "blue coma".
During this deep coma, the subject brain is extremely plastic and adapt it's designs and patterns to improve the subject usual tasks or to adapt to a damaged/modified brain.
Hence his use as a facilitating agent for the Trial of Sofia.

Longtime effects varies in relation with frequency and purity of consumption but quite severe.
Subject loose pulsions and most human emotions drifting toward an apathetic calmness.
Subject become increasingly distant with normal human behavior and gain deep logical and analytic mind, developing an extremely sharp perception and extreme predispositions for sciences.
While such treatment does have its perks and most subjects found that it greatly helps their research many suffer extreme existential anxiety and clinical depression.
Suicide is not uncommon for those affected at extreme levels.
Honey, Tea, and rose
Extremly sweet and addictive
Saphir blue
Boiling / Condensation Point
Melting / Freezing Point
Common State

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