|UENN| Makhnovtchina

FROM: [email protected]
TO: [email protected]
An object as been detect in : SIGMA_FOUR quadrant.
Preliminary study report :
VOLUME: 49.0873*10^6 m^3
MASS: 0.4124*10^12 Kg
------------ORBITAL PROPERTIES--------------
VELOCITY: 0.372579618466c (111*10^6 m/s)
VECTOR: 23.877633 68.555509 22.1688746
OBSERVED DELTA V: 2.085*10^-6c (-925 m*s^-2)

All personnel should reach combat position and apply defensive protocol: OMEGA RED until further notice
— auromated message during first encounter with UENN Makhnovtchina


Upon detection, by the multi-spectral array of the Jovian Security Council the object later known as |UENN|Makhnovtchina a heavy bomber wing Was dispatched in an attempt to deviate, or if needed dislocate the object.
Arriving on site the bomber wing realized that the object was actually a ship. More so it was a powered ship under heavy deceleration burn. As they approached closer lidar lock alarm started to appear on most of them, yet no launch where detected.
After assessing that the ship was indeed slowing enough to avoid impacting Chronos Station, the acting commander of the wing Justicare Sister Octavia ordered a stand-down of all weapon and lowered her own ship cryptographic shield. A comlink was sent by the unknown ship on a very high-frequency range. While not fully deciphered by the onboard computer the message was clearly some kind of rescue signal.
After consulting with the council leaders, Drew Arkein the onboard council attache agreed to let Sister Octavia lead a small rescue team, comprised of both Sisters and Jovian Defence Force personnel, into the ship itself. The ship seemed to react with a welcoming stance, opening onboard hangar and lowering its magnetic shields.
Sister Octavia Mission Report of the following encounter is probably more detailed on what happened after this point, but what is commonly known is that the ship was brought to moor at Chonos station external dock and any access or further investigation was done under the utmost secrecy.


UENN (debated)


25 High Caliber, Relativistic Railguns
48 Heavy Torpedoes Tubes
2 Aquila Class Hangar (Content: UNKNOWN)
Exact PDC and small caliber railguns count are unknown, but based on similar design ship, probably in the hundreds maybe bordering on thousand.
At least Omega level cryptographic shield and 6 heavy layers of multi-modal shields.


The |UENN| Makhnovtchina is a capital ship, probably some variation of the Empyrean class Capital ship, clearly built on Earth even if the exterior design seems to bear some extensive modification.
The ship is 2500 m long for a mean radius of 250 m.
Since the first contact, it has been seen moored at Chronos Station, hovering over Jovians moons and sometimes even around Titanica Mare



UENN Makhnovtchina started it's life as UENN Danae when it was built on Perth Ladder Space docks during the Third Earth-Selene war.
{Note from Archive: The third Earth-Selene war, is for now an unclassified future event. As of today only one war between ever happened}[
During construction, UENN Danae was designed for Deep Space Warfare operation. Upon receiving its first assignation the UEN Danae was massively damaged while performing a deorbiting maneuver in the Kuiper belt. The intended maneuver was to deorbit and put in interception course the ferric asteroid known as 85746f, in order to impact Selene. Second officer Anton Raskova reported an impact on the left quadrant and was adamant that containment and war procedure where to be activated. The ship captain and first officer both rejected the proposition adding that it was probably just an accident and a failure of the Second officer to maintain the ship in working condition. The clash and the following three detonations on the same quadrant were heavily not well received by the ship crew. While many spacemen and cadets lots their life in decompression incidents and subsequent fire, the ship captain was nonchalant and dismissive of the gravity of the situation. Going as far as to write in the record that "Second Officier lack of faith in commandment and bad maintenance capacity is to blame for the minor incident encountered".
Anton Raskova was injured in the incident during the frontline firefighting operation. It is to be noted that said operation was performed in disobedience from First officer order of "Just closing the door on the beasts". Raskova popularity in the crew was already very high but the blatant disdain of the other officers and the virtue displayed by Second Officier during the event make him the de facto leader of the crew. Tension crew strongly between the crew and the bridge grew deeper when Ship Captain ordered a jump toward earth.[
The following military trial was a parody of justice. Second Officier Raskova was dragged into court in chains and charged with multiple counts of obstruction and mutiny. The Earth propaganda was violently trashing him and calling him a Selene saboteur. During this time UENN Danae has moored at the Palo Alto ladder Spacedocks. The crew grew agitated and demanded that Second Officier Raskova was released. When the jury concluded in favor of ship captain and sentenced Anton Raskova to be executed, the crew took control of both of the ship torpedo bay and armed multiple cyclonic torpedoes and strapped an MK8 "Fury" Fusion torpedo to one of the ship's landing craft.
They raided the court of New York where Anton Raskova was tried and threatened to use the torpedo transponder as a beacon for planet shattering torpedo strike if Anton was not released. UENN caved in and released Second Officier Anton Raskovawhile activating multiple assets in order to shot down UENN Danae.[
Upon Anton Raskova arriving on board the crew quickly elected a new bridge (most of the old one had been thrown by the airlocks in the early staged of mutiny) and set sails to leave Earth. The arriving UENN fleet opened fire on UENN Danae destroying a few critical systems, but UENN Danae was resilient enough to perform a jump toward Jumpgate Alpha {Note from Archive: Jumpgate Alpha appear multiple time in the ship log. The first inspection suggests it's an object orbiting in the deep space behind the Kuiper belt and seem to be some kind of long-range FTL gate. Current position unknown }. Arriving at Jumpgate alpha with the earth fleet on is heels, the crew elected to go through the gate, something no-one had dared to at the time and was subsequently send in various jumps through a varied labyrinth of gates.
The ship while still useable was not fully stocked and the battle with UENN fleet left it short in the atmosphere. It was hosen to put the whole crew in suspended sleep for long term survival (the Danae had been fitted with an experimental suspended sleep module to perform active duty assessment of it). While the ship jumps randomly through the gate network on automated mode, the computer was programmed to wake up one of the bridge members in case of life detection. Judging by the ship log 2 men and 3 women of the bridge were woken up at diverse points by the computer, and subsequently died due to their inability of returning to the sleep state due to lack of chemical products needed to do so. The last one of a said crew member was Lieutenant Irina Tcherenkova encountered by Justicare Octavia.
According to her deposition, the ship repair and renaming was done in the early day of what she referred to as "The Drift".
Lieutenant Tcherenkova seemed relatively stable and unphased by the probable time travel that had occurred and is currently working with the Wisma Science team to revive her crew and repair the ship. She seems rather defensive to any evocation of anyone from approaching the ship, except for the boarding crew of Justicare Octavia.



The |UENN|Makhnovtchina feature the same general design as other Empyrean-class Capital ship, an elongated cross-shape starting and ending on 4 engine pods.
This 8 engines twisted cross design, often referred to as "twisted churros" by space cadets, do have some clever perks. Notably, making it surprisingly agile for a ship of this size but it also twists magnetic lines of shield making them prone to deflection.
Empyrean-Class Capital ships are fearful opponents and a force to reckon on the battlefield. This one in particular feature few design changes that seem to evolve from combat expérience, the hangar bay usually at the rear of the ship near the bow on this one, while in compensation the rear end is an array of torpedoes launcher.
It is also notable that this ship has been extensively modified and repaired, probably after some heavy combat expérience, it is also not bearing the standard blue livery of Earth Navy being instead painted in a jet black coating of a radiation absorbing material, possibly some kind of amorphous graphite crystals.
The bow of the ship is adorned with a painted white logo and the name of the ship. Said logo feature a broken skull atop few broken bones.

Alternative Name(s)
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UENN Danae
Military, Base
Inhabitant Demonym


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