Tales of the Transmuter

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In the pocket dimension Farforth lies the small town of Gulderry. a farming and crafting suburb of the prosperous Rosethorne Kingdom. The town wizard, Eustorgius "Eustace" Polycarp, is an eccentric, but brilliant master of the transmutative arts, having perfected a power unique in all of Farforth: the power to convert everyday household objects into living, sentient human beings, albeit with some residual traits of the original objects following through in the traits of the created individuals.   For many years, the object-people and their dad-wizard lived in peace in their wizard's tower, occasionally entertaining guests with festive song-and-dance routines and aiding the village with problems beyond the ken of regular folk. But one day, Eustace disappeared, leaving his created children to venture into an unfamiliar world to return him to the safety of the tower.   This is their story.   This bright fantasy setting is suitable for all audiences and is used for introducing new players to the BCGR tabletop roleplaying system.

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