Chitin Titan Serum

A chitin titan serum is a somewhat rare concoction that, once consumed, causes a grotesque mutation that greatly enhances the drinker's physical size, strength, and durability for a limited period of time. Derived from the living essences of langostinites and infused with powerful transmutative arcana, chitin titan serum is sought after as a means of achieving prowess in combat and liberation from more powerful foes, but it is also reviled for the hideous transformation it imposes and the tendency of users to slide into megalomania once they realize the power it brings.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The drinker of the chitin titan transformation greatly expands in size, reaching up to 15' feet in height and growing more massive by a factor of 10. Arms and legs become wider and more muscular to support this additional mass, while additional, smaller arms erupt in pairs from the torso. The drinker's flesh grows and molts several layers of reddish chitin as it expands, leaving the drinker at the end of the transformation process with a sturdy, knobbled shell. The user's eyes erupt from their sockets and extend outwards horizontally from the ground, forming stalks, while antennae the size of bamboo sprout from their brow. By the end of the transformation process, the user appears to be a grotesque hybridization of human and langostinite traits the overall size of an elephant, with each form being specific to the individual regardless to the number of times they use the serum in the future.   Though often regarded as hideous to behold, the transformed corpus of a chitin titan serum embiber has a number of important benefits. The drinker gains the hardened shell of the langostinite, the ability to crush and claw at opponents with massive limbs, and a massive reserve of vitality that makes even damage that successfully penetrates the shell less severe by dint of sheer volume. Particularly potent formulations may grant the ability to swim and breathe underwater in addition to the aforementioned traits, but this boon is never guaranteed.


The sensation of power that comes with the tranformation can have an addictive quality for some, and transmuters and alchemists who work with the chitin titan serum regularly have been known to develop god complexes as a result. Many have also been distressed to discover that, despite the fearsome and powerful nature of the serum, it is actually relatively simple to make for an alchemist with the proper knowledge of transformation arcana; the hardest components to acquire, on both practical and moral grounds, are the vital essences of langostinites still living at the time of extraction.

Item type
Consumable, Magical
Thus, chitin titan serum is rare to find on the open market, as a combination of social stigma around its use and the recognized risks associated with it mean that few are willing to expose themselves to the transformation. The Transmuter of Gulderry does not create chitin titan serums, but they may be available for purchase near the docks...
8oz (typically a vial or flask)
Base Price

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