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Tales of Once

The Recorded Year of 1257, The Third Era

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"Most people are only familiar the magic the elves brought us, but here you will choose your own path of magic. Whether it is bending the foundations through study or using belief in stories to make a potion, It is your choice..."
  ~ Taiyn Ullen, as said in his introductory to magic at Dyme ~

  It is an age of rediscovery and reconstruction across the lands of civilization. Through exploring the ruins of the Elder Society for ancient technologies and using the many forms of changing magic, we have managed to bring civilization to a better stand in the world. With the help of the Haebal peacekeepers and the Ruin Historics explorers, we have regrown over the past millenium. Never has any one seen conflict except when exploring the ruins. This world is certainly at peace now, but what might happen through player agency?

This setting is one of my own making. This version of it is geared for D&D 5e and as such, I have simplified it by using many of it's terms. This is NOT the cannon version of my book setting and I claim no rights to D&D 5e terms or content. Wizards of the Coast, please don't sue me, this is just a version to help assimilate it into the D&D 5e system.       You can help too at