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Ghouls Gibbo Necrotica are necrotic scavenger anomalies born from pregnant woman who have committed suicide. The fears and rage from the woman are passed onto her child right before their death. After its death it mutates, resurrecting as ghoul and becomes aggressive, and found of the taste of meat of the dead.

Basic Information


Ghouls resemble the anatomy of its parent species, however is has a few mutations that lead to a unique look. All of ghouls tend to be smaller and more compact, have problematic a spine to due to the increase in the size of the liver, and their arms and legs tend to be smaller.   A beneficial mutation of the body is that their quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteus, abs, and spinal erectors are stronger than ordinary, leading to powerful jumps.

Biological Traits

Ghouls are tend to have pale skin and a disfigured face based upon their parent species. Their spine is hunched and tend to reak of rot. They have sharp teeth and keen smell used to bite through flesh of the living and rotting; and one of their defence mechanisms is spewing a neurotoxing called lithotoxin.

Genetics and Reproduction

Ghouls can reproduce sexually, however due to their small uterus, hips and weird organ arrangement the female often loses their life. They often give birth to over 2 ghouls.

Growth Rate & Stages

Ghouls start off as a half-ling, a half grown mutant that digs though the corpse of their own mother. Their next stage is right after the consumption of their mother, they quickly grow into a mature ghoul. Their metamorphosis is quite painful and bothersome, their skin fill with blood blisters and pus while they shriek unholy tunes; After their blisters heal they take the appearance of a deformed ghoul, and are famished. After more consumption, their scars heal and they take the normal appearance of a ghoul.

Ecology and Habitats

They tend to live closer to battlefields, and cemeteries close to abandoned buildings ,and places for them to conceal themselves, as they like to feast upon the dead.

Dietary Needs and Habits

They require at least 6 pounds of meat in a day. They do not have any restrictions in the type of meat, but they prefer the same meat as their parent species, unless its born from a ghoul. If so, they grow quite fond of the first type of meat they taste.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

The main ingredient of Maiden's Bloody Tears

Average Intelligence

Ghouls are not sentient creatures, but they are not stupid either. They will grow accustomed to techniques / traps used against them if there are any survivors. Another sign of intelligence is when they hunt the living, they will kill them, and not eat them, but let them rot as they prefer the taste of decaying corpses.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Ghouls have darkvision and see the world just as the parent species. However, they have a keen sence of smell towards blood, and the smell of rotting corpses.
Scientific Name
Gibbo Necrotica
210 years
Average Height
Average Weight

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