Tales of justice True Beginnings I chapter 2

True Beginnings I chapter 2

Metaphysical / Paranormal event


In a meadow outside the city of San Francisco at 10:23 a.m., the exact moment of the Equinox, a ripple forms in the air.

At noon, a silver-skinned man wearing a flower-printed shirt and swim trunks appears. He experiments with the ripple, determining that light, matter, energy, and his own hand pass through it with no effect. Frustrated, he races away toward the city in a blur of motion.
Late at night, a metahuman woman who has the fur coat, ears, and facial features of a leopard appears. She looks as startled to be there as the meadow itself would be startled to see her. Once she regains her equilibrium, she searches around until she picks up the trial of the silver-skinned man, then follows it cautiously.
Many hours later, a young teenage piano prodigy named Johann Schmidt, visiting the United States as part of a private tour, has an incredibly courteous but odd conversation with a woman who refuses to come in from her perch outside the building.
Eventually the ripple ceases to be present; with the assistance of Jean-Pierre Gironde, young patriarch of the Gironde family of Metropolis and secretly a broadcast empath, the silver-skinned man and the leopard woman find a means to return to their time period.

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