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PQL: Triage

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Don Blake's ambulance gets smashed at a storage facility in western Metropolis.
Because a soldier in power armor landed on it.

And, seconds later, so did Captain America, who was trying to save the EMT from bystandar attacks in a villain onslaught.
Amidst a humanitarian mission to transplant the survivors of a natural disaster on one alternate reality's world to a terraformable planetoid in our own reality's galaxy, the Project: Quantum Leap facility under the NewTech rental block on the grounds of Inheritance Store-All became a battle zone. Armored forces from Hammer Empire attacked from the outside. Others, including the unidentified Military Caste forces from a version of Krypton yet to be determined, launched a simultaneous assault through the open stargate.
From SAFEGUARD, Captain America blocked the Hammer Empire until Metropolis SCU could mobilize support.
From Wyldfire, Doc "Medkit" Reynolds and Don Blake defended the fallen and got them to medical care while Feral aided P:QL support troops in turning back the Kryptonian offensive.

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