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Four Score



Fright, Thomas, Sean, and Doc Steven just wanted to go find a safe bar for a drink -- "safe" defined as "someplace the tipsy Women of Wyldfire will not think to look for us". That's it: that's all they want: a safe bar for a few beers.

The Gironde School for Gifted and Special Needs Students is having its Spring Break. Most of the students are on a "Camping Trip" led by Robert Ridderhoff, Sleet, and Jerry Clasby, with a few of the students' parents going along as assistant chaperones.
One of the few remaining men walked into the kitchen to retrieve beer from the fridge. All of the Gironde School women are there, including Claire ("Diamond X") from the New York branch, having some sort of hen session. They all fell dead silent when the kitchen door swung open, and abruptly started giggling just before the refrigerator turned out to contain no beer bottles.
They might be drunk.
This is creepy.
So now all four of the remaining men of Wyldfire have piled into Dr. Gironde's Jeep Wrangler -- he won't mind so long as it's available when he gets home tomorrow -- and are on a "beer run". You've loudly proclaimed that you're going to a GOOD liquor store, not the nearby one that has a lousy selection, and certainly you'll be back with EXCELLENT supplies in good order.
Steven Reynolds is driving. Fright, Thomas, and Sean can figure out who's sitting in which passenger seat, all of which WILL be within the vehicle's actual passenger compartment.
You're all agreed that part of this "beer run" will certainly involve being at a bar, because going back to that extremely creepy kitchen full of giggling, tipsy women with superpowers is Not In The Immediate Plan.
You can't go to Alexei's. The women would think to look for you there. And they wouldn't "call and ask", either -- they'd show up.
I hear there's an excellent selection at the Alcohol and Beverage Commission store in New Hampshire.
Iradium, prelude to "Wyldfire Adventures: Four Score", late January/early February 2007
... I wouldn't say that too loudly around Fright.. I hear he knows how one works and sometimes keeps one inside him.. "for emergencies"
Silverwing, prelude to "Wyldfire Adventures: Four Score", late January/early February 2007
Dibs on the front seat!
Also, which of us walked in the kitchen and dealt with... them?
Iradium, prelude to "Wyldfire Adventures: Four Score", late January/early February 2007
Well, it certainly wasn't Fright. He'd have been equally likely to join them.
— observations of the GM; prelude to "Wyldfire Adventures: Four Score", late January/early February 2007

(Inevitably, in proper Buddy Flick tradition: the expedition stumbled into villainous activity on the road ... almost lost the Boss's Favorite Personal Vehicle while they were in it ... spent the whole night trying to put out metaphorical and occasionally literal fires ... came home to disgruntled women wanting to know where is the booze you supposedly went to acquire?

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