Tales of justice Lord Bayne Incident

Lord Bayne Incident

Metaphysical / Paranormal event


A supervillain from another dimension, seeking a world where he can become the Ultimate Evil Overlord with less opposition which might be competent to stop his dastardly conquest, picks the wrong reality. Dr. Doom invites himself into the opposition, in the process realizing that he truly does not want to rule a world. He merely wants to not live under the moral obligation to oppose Reed Richards. No: Doom wants to live quietly in a space he completely controls, exploring his theories of superscience, and going down in history as the smartest person ever to use a soldering iron.


During the ramp-up for this adventure, Jean-Claude Gironde discovers and unmakes numerous mental blocks and hypnotic commands implanted in Jarissa Venters' mind. This includes all of the villainous work Kadaver accomplished in the previous adventure, plus several things (but not all) from the Infinity Inc Hybrid Minion mental programming.


Also during this adventure, villain henchman-for-hire Mime gets physically split into two people. Mime/Robert Ridderhoff remains an employee of Phoenix Industries working at the Gironde mansion, as part of his parole. Ghoul is now a cannibalistic shapeshifting villain who can no longer copy new powers. Ghoul leaves to work in high-mortality areas of the world, mostly urban areas of Colombia, as a do-anything flunky.

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