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Thanagarian Mem-disk (Than-ah-gair-eean Mem-Disk)

A small device but with great potential…
— Dr. Jean-Claude Gironde, leader of Wyldfire
No matter where a culture is from or what environment they call home, inevitably they will need to record what they learn. This involves the same base idea of recording that information so they can recover it later. What differs are the materials and methods used.
For the ancient Thanagarian people, this inevitably took the form of the ‘mem-disk’. This small, portable device was another outgrowth of their Nth-Metal based technology. Among that culture, a ‘mem-disk’ was a common sight, much like portable drives or smart phones on Earth. The difference is that the Thanagarian mem-disk was far more versatile.
But, when the Thanagarian League fell to the might of the Kryptonian Empire, refugee Thanagarians believed the means to make mem-disks was lost as well. For the refugees that settled on Earth, that was true. Yet, the means to create the devices survived.
The Endupaar contains the blueprints and the means to manufacture mem-disks. But that requires Nth-Metal which is in scare supply.
— Archon (Captain) Fel Kur'Talak

A Data Disk With A Little Bit More

A typical Thanagarian mem-disk looks like a simple metal disk. The surface is a dark charcoal with a faint, glowing, sky-blue line that runs around the outside edge. They are activated with a hidden switch that rests along the outer edge.
Once active, the blue ring glows and a holographic interface projects off the surface of the disk. The device is both voice and touch responsive, with the hologram being a ‘hard light hologram’. This allows it to act as a physical interface and screen.
The mem-disks were, and still are, used as data storage devices. But they also can act as a communication device. Mem-disks can contact other mem-disks over a quantum chroniton connection. This allows holographic video or text-based data exchanges. The disk frequency can be modulated to allow integration with most Earth based networks.
It may seem that a mem-disk is just another type of tri-comm, but this is not the case. The mem-disk does share some abilities with a tri-comm, but it lacks the processing power and versatility of the tri-comm. In addition, it is designed primarily for data storage and communication, so it lacks the sensory abilities of a tri-comm.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Game Mechanics

Body: 4, R# 2

  • Detect: 10,
  • Radio Communication: 10
  • Illusion: 8
  • Recall: 11
  • Comprehend Languages: 4
  • Power Bonus and Limitations
  • Comprehend Languages allows user to attempt to contact and communicate with a computer network or system. To use, the holder of the device rolls using the APs of Comprehend Languages.
  • Detect is used to detect other mem-disks via the quantum chroniton frequency layer. To use, the holder of the device rolls using the APs of Detect.
  • While not directly related, this was inspired by the host of holographic comminication devices found throughout comic books. Most often the ‘cosmic heroes’ or ‘gadgeteers’ are the ones to usually have something like this.
    The term 'Thanagarians' (to which these here bear only a superficial relationship) was created by Gardner Fox and Joe Kubert in 1961. No infringement is intended or implied.
    Thanagarian mem-disk
    Dreamstime Stock Photo
    Item type
    Book / Document
    Once common on Thanagar, since the fall of the Thanagarian League and the destruction of Thanagar, the devices are extremely rare.
    1.9 oz (53.9 grams)
    3.1 in (8cm) in diameter
    0.25 in (6.35mm) thick
    Base Price
    Not For Sale on the open market
    Raw materials & Components
    A mem-disk, if broken down, uses the following parts and components:
  • Carbon composite-weave outer shell
  • Vat-grown delta-wave optic connectors for internal data transfer
  • Gluon circuit frames that provide the base structure for the crystal chips and delta-wave connectors
  • Nth-Metal crystal alloy chips for both processing and storage.

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    Eternal Sage MoonRaven
    Jeroen Heijster
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    Great article, I can just imagine this being used.

    -MoonRaven creator of Paldurog.
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    Thank you! :D   As a matter of fact, two characters in a currently active campaign each have one! They've put them to really good, and interesting, use!

    Eternal Sage MoonRaven
    Jeroen Heijster
    9 Jan, 2022 20:52

    That's amazing! It's always nice to have your items used!

    -MoonRaven creator of Paldurog.
    9 Jan, 2022 21:13

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