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Specter, Chapter 9: Dire Villainy and the Deep Blue Sea Report

Oscorp Labs Investigation

General Summary

SUBJECT: WYLDFIRE Team investigating Oscorp Industries Offshore Research Station Gamma
Supplemental Update
Related Project Classification: Justice League Initiative


S.A.F.E.G.U.A.R.D. Field Report, Agent Vi as transmitted from Agent El

Our plan went as smooth as it could. Ambush the Oscorp ‘special project’ staff and any Society of Rao terrorists before they could set off any alarms. I dove in with Wyldfire and that was just what we did.
The last thing we expected was for AIM to come charging in.
They slipped in through the sea base airlock without setting off any alarms. Maybe that was because of our ambush, but they could have bypassed the alarms. There’s no way to know, but it was quite a trick.
There were four of them. AIM Cybercommandos. Unlike the usual AIM members, these were trained and equipped. An actual threat, instead of AIM’s usual tactics of “use a mob with mad science!”

AIM... they really need
t-shirts that read:
"Let's make Science
MAD again!"
- Agent El

Credit where it’s due. Dr Adel tried to talk them into working with us. It’s a good tactic. AIM are more mercenaries than crooks and can sometimes be reasoned with.
This wasn’t one of those times.
Fortunately, Feral cut down our problems by using one of Oscorp’s neural-corders against Dr. Joara Zarn-Del about that same time. It stunned the Society of Rao scientist enough that Dr Blake could use an Oscorp Force Bubble to capture Dr Zarn-Del.
That left the AIM troopers who came at us with everything they had. Which meant those discuss-sized ‘Data Disks’ with their ‘hard-light’ contrails of energy. It was a complicated fight. They knocked me out for a few seconds at one point, but Wyldfire managed to stop the cybercommandos before they could really cut loose.
My biggest concern was AIM tapping into the Oscorp-Kryptonian computer system in the base. AIM is bad enough as is, they don’t need new research to play with. One AIM commando got close, but Dr. Adel took care of that close call.
During the fight, Dr. Adel also got at Dr. Zarn-Del’s console. Fortunately, it hadn’t closed down. According to those notes, the Society of Rao is working on a hypnotic, if not outright mind control, gas or mist. She called the project “Specter of Peace”. Poetic.
The Society of Rao has been studying the mutated kidnap victims to see how their powers interact, how the mutagen could gift them with powers. Using that information, the Society crafted this mind control formula to use own their fellow Kryptonians. It is all part of a plot to make sure Kryptonians agree with the Society of Rao… which would be unpleasant.
Footnotes suggested she wanted to use it on humans next.
But there wasn’t time to learn more.
The combined efforts of Dr. Adel, Dr. Blake, Feral, and Medkit picked off the AIM commandos save for one. That last one lost most of his gear to Dr. Adel, so I expected him to surrender at any moment.
That left a big problem in the room to the north that Amythyst took on alone.
At that end of the seabase, Society of Rao Sentinel Troopers, Enforcers, and Oscorp Techs with gear rushed down the hall at Amythyst. I learned later; he stood his ground. A few well-placed energy blasts and one paralyze beam sent them packing back north. They were just the tip of the iceberg.

Composed from Stock art on Deposit Photos
A stargate, why did it have
to be a stargate?

The room to the north? It held a Kryptonian-made stargate. An active stargate.
Past the gate was obviously another world. Earth-like but a slightly different time of day. There were also Society of Rao troopers waiting on the other side. Amythyst shut down that gate fast… or he tried. Instead, he reconnected it to another location…
Inside the sea base!
This time on the other side was a different lab. Only one person was there, an Oscorp scientist. At least that was the assumption since he wasn’t dressed in the usual Kryptonian jumpsuit. That didn’t last long when he dosed himself with some sort of chemical from his worktable.
That was when he changed. Mutated. Shapeshifted into this brutish, 6 foot tall creature. A huge, hulking, bone-white beast.
No surprise that Amythyst called for help.
Specter of Peace
Player Journals
Frisbee of DOOM! by Adel Urda-Na
Tappy-Tappy by Feral
Report Date
10 Mar 2022
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