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Specter, Chapter 8: A Good Day to Hero Hard Report

Oscorp Labs Investigation

General Summary

SUBJECT: WYLDFIRE Team investigating Oscorp Industries Offshore Research Station Gamma
Supplemental Update
Related Project Classification: Justice League Initiative


S.A.F.E.G.U.A.R.D. Field Report, Agent Vi as transmitted from Agent El

The rest of Wyldfire caught up to us on the maintenance catwalks beneath the main platform. Fortunately, Oscorp still did not know we were there.
I finished tapping the Oscorp Industries network, allowing us to ‘borrow’ channels for our own communications gear. It was a risk, but worth it. We needed to talk to each other as we tracked down where that research data vanished to in this place. I had some concerns that Oscorp might notice, but Wyldfire’s cover story worked so well, I doubt Oscorp would bother to look.
Everything was right on schedule. That should have been a warning.
Dr. Blake and Amythyst had each found a way to the lower levels of the rig. One had located a maintenance shaft and the other a freight elevator. Neither had security cameras. Oscorp positioned those around the battery and energy storage labs on the main platform.

S.A.F.E.G.U.A.R.D. really needs to work on these Task Force code names…
- Agent El

We discussed which route to take. In the end, we split the team along the same two lines. First, the “shipwreck survivors” would “blunder” into the freight elevator and “accidentally” find their way down. Myself, Feral, and Dr. Adel   Dr. Adel, would take the maintenance access. If ‘Team Shipwreck’ found themselves caught in a bind, hopefully, those of us in ‘Team Mermaid’ could back them up.
What we found below wasn’t at all what we expected. However, given this was Oscorp, it shouldn’t have come as a surprise.
Both the freight elevator and maintenance lift connected to lift tubes that descended below the ocean. We hadn’t traveled more than a few feet below water before we saw a glimmer of lights in the depths below us. It wasn’t a submarine, but a full undersea base.

Composed from Stock art on Deposit Photos
Sea Base Alpha
Mysterious Undersea Base!

Sea Base Alpha, as we learned later, rested on a mesa at what I estimated was at least 80 to 100 feet down. It was obvious the capsules we rode were pressurized and somehow managed the pressurization change. The structure appeared to be a modest-sized complex built on an undersea mesa below Oscorp’s offshore research station.
It was six geodesic domes, four of which looked like living modules, nestled against the rock. The undersea base looked to have its own power system. Batteries? Some sort of electrostatic generator? I wasn’t sure. That would take more investigation, along with discovering how Oscorp hid something of this size.
That would have to wait.
Both elevators reached the sea base at the same time. Ours stopped at the southwestern dome. The one with Dr. Blake, Amythyst, and Medkit stopped at the main tunnel intersection of the sea base. We opened the hatch to the dome, while the other team entered the main tunnels.
Inside the dome were not the Oscorp scientists we were expecting. Instead, it was an advanced chemical processing lab with technicians, soldiers, and even one of the lead researchers from the Society of Rao!
The advantage of surprise was on our side. Feral dove through the open hatch, ambushing the Rao Sentinel trooper. I opened fire at the Society of Rao Tech. It was a glancing blow, that only phase-stunned his arm.
Dr. Adel? She slipped in behind us, headed for the nearest terminal, then confronted the Kryptonian scientist on the other side of the room. Their posture and attitude suggested they knew each other. It didn’t take long to find out why.
The Kryptonian scientist was Dr. Joara Zarn-Del, backer for Oscorp’s ‘Project Protector’ and mutagenic ooze research. From what little I heard, Dr. Joara is a member of the Society of Rao, and a rival of Dr. Adel. But the conversation grew quiet when Dr. Joara lunged for Dr. Adel.
Meanwhile, from what I heard over my earbud, Dr. Blake, Amythyst, and Medkit had launched an ambush of their own. They caught two Society of Rao Sentinel Troopers off-guard and subdued them before they could raise an alarm.
Our surprise ambush, along with timely help from Dr. Blake and Medkit, was the advantage we needed. In no time, we had subdued everyone in the high-tech chemical lab except for Dr Joara. I suspected that, being the backer of Oscorp’s mutagen project, if we captured her, it would bring a lot of this trouble to a halt.
Then we could look for the missing kidnap victims, the illegal research data, and rumors of a ‘gate’. Just a mention of a ‘gate’ around any Kryptonian makes me worry that it’s a ‘stargate’. That would make this a much larger problem.
Unfortunately, there wasn’t time for that. Just as we were about to surround Dr. Joara and help Dr. Adel, an airlock cycled on one side of the dome. One second we only had Dr. Joara, dangerous in her own right, to cope with. The next? It was Dr. Joara and four A.I.M. Cybercommandos!
The tables had turned and were not in our favor.
Specter of Peace
Player Journals
I do like aquariums. by Feral
Who is the real adult? by Adel Urda-Na
Report Date
15 Feb 2022
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