Omni-Drone? Yeah, I heard of it. Them. Those.

Don't let the press fool you into thinking its one human-sized droid with energy cannons in its arms. Omni-drone is just a real fancy name for what amounts to a swarm of little drones in a metal trench coat with a whole lot of anger issues.

But take it from someone whose been on the business end of that thing... it does carry ion blasters. And they sting.

— David "Puma" Ironhorse, thief and mercenary for hire
The criminal mastermind Dr. Overmind is known, or infamous, for his technological inventions. However, the better remembered devices are those used in technological telepathy, memory alteration and similar designs.
However, there is another area that he excels in: robotics! In fact, the rumor is that he has a young apprentice that has fashioned a pair of Omni-drones of her own.

Rumor? Ha! Try fact. Not sure which is worse. The bots, or her with that plasma cannon she totes around.

— David "Puma" Ironhorse, thief and mercenary for hire
Compact and portable, Omni-drones are one of Dr. Overmind's more inventive and successful inventions. Often in a stylish design, such as a mountain lion or a large owl, they have been known to accompany him when he ventures out. Some consider them his way of drawing attention to himself. However the connection between Overmind and Omni-drone is more complex. They are, in many ways, an extension of himself. Not physically but mentally through the neural link software and device he uses. Because of this, the drones are difficult to hack in any attempt to have them turn against their 'master'.

It only gets creepy when the nasty things start finishing Overmind's sentences. Really ... I'd say 'get a hobby' but he's got one.

— David "Puma" Ironhorse, thief and mercenary for hire

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The drone is actually not a single device. Omni-drone technology is actually a 'hive' of hundreds of smaller drones, each no larger than a two to three inches and no larger in thickness than a ballpoint pen. They are all controlled by 'Hub'. This acts as the 'brain' of the Omni-drone, controlling the actions of the mini-drones and communicating with Dr. Overmind.
While the mini-drones are tiny, the 'hub drone' is a flat, disk-shaped droid that has a trio of retractable legs. This disk is no larger than the diameter of a coaster for a pint mug.
Top Secret! Open only if you're sure!

In truth, the 'hub drone' wasn't developed by Dr. Overmind. The superhero, Tesla Coil member of the Knights Vigilant, actually invented it. Overmind actually stole the design, which led immediately to a bitter rivalry between the two.


Game Mechanics

Dex: 4, Str: 7, Body: 5, Int: 2, Will: 1, Mind: 2, Aura: 4, R# 3

Init: 10


  • Skin Armor: 5
  • Radio Communications: 3
  • Sonar: 5
  • Recall: 8
  • Self Manipulation: 8
  • Energy Blast (Phased Ionic Energy Burst): 6
  • Flight: 6
  • Skills

  • Gadgetry:3
  • Military Science: 4
  • Power Bonus and Limitations
  • Radio communication is encrypted levels of satellite/wifi/bluetooth. Used for hub to communicate to the parts and to Overmind.
  • Self Manipulation can only mimic different physical constructs or effects (such as simulate 'stretching' or 'snare'). It cannot form new shapes to produce kinetic attacks or new kinds of energy attacks. It is the central droid reconfiguring the mini-drones around it.
  • Flight is using repulsor tech to move the whole 'colony' of drones and main droid. It can be used in place of Dex for dodge defense, but this means that is all the drone is doing for that combat round.
  • if Skin Armor is used, then Self Manipulation may not be used that combat round.
  • Item type
    Current Holder
    Omni-droids are rare since they are only created, and obey, Dr. Overmind.
    400 lbs (181 kg)
    6 feet (1.8 m) tall in 'humanoid' mode
    Base Price
    Not for sale, but for a rental agreement, see Dr. Overmind


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