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Ambushed in the Mountain of the Universe: Chapter 3: Mind Over Matter Report

General Summary

Character(s) interacted with

  • Dr. Oliver Declerk
  • Gravitar
  • Captain America
  • Queen Mera of Atlantis
  • Sonam - the head monk who taught the Shadow
  • Brodir
  • Savannah
  • Ismael Figueroa ( MAGI medical intern / Nurse practitioner assisting the heroes in dealing with the illusionary doctor problem )

  • Created Content

  • Heroes learned that Dr. Oliver Declerk, the doctor helping them this entire time, has been a well implanted and highly elaborate mental illusion. A mentalist performed a mass hypnosis over the entire MAGI team and Wyldfire!
  • Thunderstrike called the Shadow and was taught a few rudimentary means to defend yourself against a mentalist. Also, warned the Shadow about enemies looking for him.
  • Thunderstrike also contacted Atlantis for help. With all that was going on, he was able to get Don to a bifrost from Atlantis so Don would be safe.
  • Because of Dr. Declerk being a mental illusion and all that the doctor did, the team realizes that a mentalist might - probably - is in the castle with them and the MAGI team!
  • The heroes don't know just how much the holographic / illusionary Dr. Declerk allowed the criminals lead by Dr. Don learned. Did they learn the whereabouts of Thunderstrike's hammer? The object Dr. Don wants? Did the opposition learn that Savannah is among the heroes helping them?
  • A robotic spider was acting as the 'hands' of Dr. Declerk and has made off with a blood sample of Don! Something that might be critical to the hero's opposition.
  • Odd signals have been detected from the next mountain over from the castle. Amythyst detected the presence of a Red Kryptonian Ring there.

  • Campaign
    Right To The Bone
    Player Journals
    8.20.09: Mind over Matter lasts 12 seconds by Feral
    Report Date
    15 Nov 2019
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