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Plagued Mind

Written by Endrise

Magnhild Brand (a.k.a. The Wormwood Witch)

I tried to stay strong in the worst of times, but I just can't anymore. I wanted to help others despite my heritage, I wanted to protect those that couldn't help themselves... But in doing so I forgot to see what misery I brought upon myself. I witnessed loved ones perish, I saw countless suffer.

But instead I just bottled up all that sorrow inside me just to look brave for those in need. I acted stupid, thinking one could put aside their own health for that of others. Now I will pay the ultimate price.

Don't worry about me. I might not be able to help myself by this point, but at least I can help you all one more time.

Farewell. A world like this does not deserve another Hag.

— Magnhild's final letter to her coven

Magnhild was once a Witch that belonged to one of Silva's many covens during the Great Sangfroid War. Although her life has been short-lived, her legacy is remembered by many witches that came after her due to her sacrifice fighting off the Wormrot Plague.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Magnhild was born in Wormwood only a few years before the Great Sangfroid War swept Silva. Though, as a Sorrow May Changeling, her fate seemed already sealed from the day she was born.

That didn't stop her from soon learning witchcraft from local covens, being taught from a young age many spells and rituals regarding the type of magic.

However, when the Great Sangfroid War struck the land with the Wormrot Plague, she and many other covens quickly came to aid treating the ailment. Magnhild mostly helped where she could, but witnessing so much death tore her down bit by bit.

Months of handling patients of the epidemic took their mental toll on the young adult, but she tried to stay strong even when fellow Witches suffered under the plague. Stuff that made her mind corrode over time, her thoughts blackening against her will.

As the plague inevitably reached her hometown, she decided to put an end to it and avoid further spreading and her own inevitable transformation into a Hag. By gathering all people currently infected, she offered each suffering soul a painless concoction that would put them out their misery.

Once everyone quietly passed away, Magnhild simply burned down her hometown to avoid the plague from spreading outside. Including herself. By what remains were found in the rubble she seemed to also go out peacefully, sitting amongst the patients as everything burned to the ground.

May you all find peace in a better life, even if I might never find it myself.
— Magnhild's final words

548 AFE 567 AFE 19 years old
Circumstances of Death
Died in the cleansing of Wormwood
Biological Sex
Red & Glassy White
Pitch Black
Skin Tone

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Cover image: GoldGreen Set - Character Cover by Vertixico


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