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Circus from the Edge of the World

Light, Magic, Action!

Written by Endrise

Welcome welcome, mortals and immortals! Outsiders and beastfolk! Travellers from beyond the land itself! Feast your eyes upon the Circus from the edge of the world! Behold the child born from heaven and hell! Witness the performances of Snow and Ember! See the pride of the fiery beast! We bring wonders from across the realms straight to your front door, for only a small fee.
— Madame Niamh

The Circus from the Edge of the World, also simply referred to as "World's End Circus" is a travelling troupe of various performers moving across Sichelan. Lead by Madame Niamh, she and her group journey the land to entertain and amuse, bringing the wonders of the Cosmic Hourglass to one's city.

The Acts & Members

  • The Child Born from Heaven & Hell: Meet Adam, the child between heaven and hell. One side of him is an Aasimar, the other a Tiefling, 100% outsider!
  • The Dance of Snow & Ember: Meet the twins Snow and Ember, witness their dance where icy colds and burning heats come together in a show of colours and temperatures!
  • The Sorceress of the Ocean Depths: The mistress with eight legs, she who comes from deep below the blue seas. Behold Odalis and her aquatic friends!
  • Taranis the Thundering Bard: An electrifying performance of the thundering bard, Taranis. Witness his guitar string lightning together and dance to the melody of the storm.
  • Madame Niamh's Little bit of Faelands: Witness Madame Niamh's descend into the Faelands through your own eyes. Witness a spectacle of colours and sounds, experience a realm of pure magic!
  • The Skeleton Crew: No, this is not our emergency team of backup workers. It's the show ran by our lovely necromancer Volos, entertaining you with bony puns and wacky skeleton humour.
  • Faefang the Dragon: Tremble before the sight of the winged god! The beast of fiery breath! With claws like obsidian and scales like armour, behold Faefang the Dragon!
  • Amedeo the Monk Sculptor: From the northern lands comes our perfectionist, Amedeo. With a single punch and a kick, he can crack any stone into the shape he desires. Go fetch yourself a bust to take home!
  • Asuka the Levitating Aerialist: Witness the performance of our skyborn aerialist, Asuka! Defying the laws of gravity, floating around the air, a dance that defies all physics on the material plane!


Although the circus has been a seemingly booming business spanning for almost 3 whole centuries, its history has been riddled with controversy. Not only for some of the more obvious things like necromancy, but also of conspiracies regarding Madame Niamh.

Considering her Fae nature, many suspect traits of enchantment magic being thrown around, mostly to make audiences pay more without knowing. However, several investigations have led to no evidence of something like that happening. Even the performers themselves seem to do all this willingly under contract.


Yeah, accidents and injures are bound to happen during performances, but we always have safety measures to avoid losing our heads.
— Asuka the Aerialist

Oddly enough, the circus also has had a few major accidents in its lifetime that seemingly are skimmed over as well. Both injuries minor and severe have occurred during the performances, yet no show has ever been delayed as a result.

The performers simply state that Madame Niamh is just really good with magic, which makes even something like dismemberment merely an inconvenience.

There's joy to be found at the end of the world

World's End Circus Poster
Faefang the Dragon Poster by Dani
Founding Date
Entertainment, Troupe
Alternative Names
World's End Circus
The Multiversal Circus
The Transdimensional Troupe
Madame Niamh

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28 Jun, 2020 17:37

Now I'm curious. Do they have any competition?

28 Jun, 2020 17:52

Perhaps, though maybe less harsh competitors and more just "business partners" they make deals with to avoid setting up shop where their rival might be.

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