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Tales of Fabulae: Retold

The turning of an era

Fabulae is a Pathfinder setting for both 1st edition and being converted also partly into 2nd edition. Set in a multiversal high-fantasy setting, the world has just about everything from simple Goblin attacks to cross-dimensional threads to all of existence. With a wide array of locations and ideas to explore, just about anything is possible in the world of Fabulae itself!

Times change, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse...

It has been several centuries after the Great Sangfroid War. After the fall of the Great Sangfroid Empire, most of Sichelan has been trying to reassemble itself into their own regions. But as the central continent has been falling aport, conflicts arise as well across the globe, whether caused by the downfall or by their own mistakes.

With the old world's powers failing or collapsing as we speak, Fabulae is in need of adventurers to help them out. Whether it be to fix the broken nations fighting with each other or the cracks causing other beings to find their chance, they need help.

And perhaps you are just the person that could help fix this world of legends...

Explore the diverse world of Fabulae, a fantasy setting that takes itself as serious as it needs to be. From the typical fantasy races you find across the many tabletop adventures to more abstract ideas like otherworldy societies and colonies on the moon. Explore the ruins of the Elven empire, travel to the depths of the world, sail the seas or just find your home across the mainland of Sichelan itself!

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