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Tales of Fabulae: Retold

The turning of an era

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Tales of Fabulae: Retold is a high-fantasy kitchen sink setting based on the Pathfinder tabletop RPG system. Set only a decade or so into its resurgence after a dark age, it is in need of heroes to fix the problems of the world.

The world of Fabulae is home to a wide variety of diverse cultures and regions: from the mismatch nature of Sichelan to the oriental atmosphere of the eastern Tai continent. Every area has their own stories to tell, its own adventures to have, its own culture to explore.

Journey to cities that have lasted several hundred years led by millennium-old beliefs or explore the depths of ruined empires forgotten by time itself. Delve into the depths of the world's past and learn its secrets buried deep beneath.

Fabulae does not take any direct jabs to the status quo of the fantasy genre, but instead tries to reinvent some of its tropes. While you do have your classic Elves, Dwarves and Humans, their general approach can be quite different. Keeping the basics, but building upon those ideas with their own unique traits.

Alongside that, many other Pathfinder races have gone and are given a makeover, whether it be subtle details explaining small lore titbits or complete overhauls with homebrew content. Expect familiar content with new coats of paints.

And that is only the main material plane of Fabulae itself: travel to the layers of the Infernal Realm to meet all kinds of fiends, discover the Elemental races of the pillar planes holding the multiverse together or just have an adventure in the weirdness of the Faelands. The world is your oyster, so don't hesitate to make your life interesting!

Live life the way you want to be remembered by.
— Fasma, the Celestial Firekeeper

Welcome to Fabulae!
Generic article | Jan 31, 2020

A quick introduction to the world of Fabulae itself.