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Tales of Fabulae: Retold

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Tales of Fabulae: Retold is a high-fantasy Pathfinder setting made for 1st edition. Expect a setting that takes its own ideas with established tabletop classics, breaking down epic adventures into more personal experiences. So be prepared for a world of fantastical proportions told through the eyes of the common folk.

Fabulae is a world of adventurers and explorers, researchers and scholars, each one with their own story to tell. Coming out of the age of struggling powers and internal conflict, Sichelan and its surrounding lands are in need for some outside help.

Old Traditions, New Changes

Although many might still seem to cling to the old traditions of the past, new ones come as quick as the seasons do. Fabulae is home to an ever-changing cluster of cultures and societies, nations and countries with histories that dates back centuries.

Travel to the far northern cold of Nõrdlann or delve deep into the Crescent Sea. Perhaps you find yourself enjoying some cross-dimensional adventures within the Elemental Pillars or the depths of the Abyss.

Tales to be Written

Fabulae has people of all walks of life, whether they be peasants or noblemen. Each one has their own stories to tell, their adventures they went on, no matter how small it might seem.

Tales of Fabulae looks to make even the most godly entities human in some sense, and also have small stories feel important to the world. Discover the world through the eyes of the individual, from their successes to their failures.

Ask yourself: By which story do you want to be remembered by?

Welcome to Fabulae!
Generic article | Feb 26, 2020

A quick introduction to the world of Fabulae itself.