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Morris D. Walcott

(a.k.a. "Crackshot")

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Morris is a well built human man standing six feet tall, with dark hair, stubbly facial hair, and sun-tanned skin. He carries a longbow on his back and two scimitars at his waist. He’s mostly dressed in plain clothes, with dark, grass-stained pants and muddy boots, but a shoddy cloak only partially covers a well-crafted brown leather vest, intricately patterned with gold designs. A bulging leather pouch hangs from his belt.

Specialized Equipment

  • Longbow
  • Scimitar

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Morris D. Walcott was born the eldest child to a family of fishermen in Pearlmount, north of Kreyburg’s capital of Steelmoor. Although he was expected to follow in his parents’ footsteps, Morris slowly grew to detest the life of a fisherman, and spent more time on the river shooting arrows at trees than checking fishing lines. In search of gold and a break from monotony, Morris took a job smuggling contraband downriver in the fish barrels of his family’s boat, much to the objection of his father, who wanted to avoid any connection between the family name and criminal behavior. Morris eventually broke off all contact with his parents (keeping in touch only with his younger brother) and snuggled in closer with the smuggling ring (taking up the codename Oxbow). He posed as a simple farmer on a small raft, smuggling weapons, dynamite, artifacts, and other illicit items by strapping them to the hairy underside of his prized yak Geraldine. He was not keen on asking questions about the nature of these items.   However, one particularly magical doohickey gets him caught by guards, separated from poor Geraldine, and nearly imprisoned, if not for a member of the Magic Council intervening. The true intentions of this mage are unknown, but they seek a ferryman to safely and covertly escort them to meetings with all different kinds of elementals. Morris agrees without question. The mage begins to teach him some simple magic to improve his bodyguard abilities, but Morris mostly spends his time between rafting trips practicing archery and whittling. The mage has recently gone AWOL, and Morris sets off to Elendus either to find new work or to discover the whereabouts of his missing employer.


  • Smuggler


Religious Views

Hobbies & Pets

  • Geraldine, his long lost Yak
Current Location
Date of Birth
21st of Runestar, 957 AC
Biological Sex
Short, dark
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
165 lbs
Known Languages
  • Common
  • Primordial


  • Fighter 2


  • 2nd


  • 6 Kills
  • 0 Knockouts

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