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Tales from the World of Th'anda

A World of Stories

Hello and welcome dear reader! I hope your journey here has been pleasant? Please sit back and relax while you enjoy the many stories on offer. The articles you will find here are mostly a collection of stories, often extracts from larger works, that have been composed by a variety of colourful characters who live in Th'anda. The world itself is primarily the setting for many novels that I have planned and are currently under construction. Some of the articles will be written from my perspective when I want to write about something but haven't created a proper voice to showcase it yet. I hope to share some of my love for storytelling through these articles as the people of Th'anda are also lovers of a good yarn.

Th'anda as a Setting

The world of Th'anda was created millennia ago by 4 celestial beings of immense power. They raised the land from a planet surface covered in water and created the plants, animals, and sentient beings that initially inhabited the world. Nowadays, most humans around the world have forgotten these celestial beings except for those who live in Sylvinthon and Albis where they are worshiped as gods.
These two counties are almost completely isolated from the rest of the world by treacherous seas on all sides except to the northeast where the Great Divide separates Albis from Etrya. The Great Divide was created during a cataclysmic event and now comprises extreme mountains and valleys that are virtually impassably and are extremely dangerous to cross over on the few paths that wind through the area.
In the center of Sylvinthon lies the Compass of the Gods, 4 mountain peaks with a high altitude plateau between them where the gods stood to create the world. Albis and Sylvinthon are separated by a river that runs broadly north-south with the only crossable point marked by the city of Border.
To the south of Albis and Sylvinthon, across the Straight of Ranthos lies the endless desert known as the Deadlands. To the northeast of Sylvinthon is the ancestral island home of the dryads, Noraros. It is separated from the mainland by the North Sea.
What lies beyond these lands is unknown to the inhabitants of Albis and Sylvinthon.

Room for Improvement

This world is as ever-changing as my creative process so please feel free to comment with suggestions for improvement, both in my worldbuilding and in my writing technique. I'm always happy to receive constructive criticism and any ideas that you have for article topics you'd like to see would be welcomed with open arms. Please enjoy your time in the world of Th'anda!