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Mist in the Moonbrook

It was the most beautiful woodland my feet have walked on this plane, the Moonbrook; nearly the equal to the eternal Sylvan lands and just as deadly. Ancient beasts, unseen in the rest of the world, roamed without fear of outsiders. An alluring smell emanating from picturesque streams of crystal clear water continually fouled all that resided within. Mist roamed the forest, stealing memories of the dead. The Mistress’s last grasp for power before retreating to the shadows, her corruption of La’Vie’s majestic sanctuary is one of the great tragedies of the Collapse.   The Moonbrook’s secrets were many. Lost tribes who had forgotten there way back to the world outside or rumors of an entrance into Midnight's Citadel were tempting enough for any of us. But none was more unexpected than the girl. How she could have survived alone, so young, is a mystery that would pull the mighty Zephyr back together for another adventure.   -Neville Quinn, Forward to Zephyr Tales book four.


Forward to the fourth book in the popular Zephyr Tales adventure series.

Vellum / Skin

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